People matter

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The church is the multiethnic family of God that struggles to follow Jesus in this dark world.  

With regret I have to say that the plan to start project Inspiring Arts did not worked as planned. Those from the General Office of Social Work did not want to colaborate with Hope For The Community Organization. Still, there is a kindergarden that shared it s willingness to let me paint in their building, but only during summer vacation when there are no childrens activity.

I started working and planning for my second intercultural event, this time called, One night in Zimbabwe, together with some international african college students. The purpose for these events is to connect with young adults and to promote other projects that I want to do, like Life Exchange and Inspiring Arts, where I need volunteers that can paint.

During the Easter, we got together with the rest of the misionaries, Antonios family and a medical student from Zimbabwe for a picnic in Drăgănești-Olt. It was a time to relax, talk and enjoy food.

For this month I am involved in planning for the next Life Exchange trip in Alba Iulia, in partnership with a local church there.

I bless God, in Jesus, for the new opportunities to minister to the young adults in Craiova. Also, I thank you for always remembering us in your prayers.


With love,

Jurge Family