New Beginnigs

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Serving others can mean to take what God placed in you and use it for others. One of the things that my wife had done, for the last couple of months, are handmade creations. During the Alpha course, she made notebooks as gifts for the girls that attended the meetings.

This month she organised her first creative workshop, with the topic: Textile flowers.

We want these meetings to be a place of relaxation, development and acquaintance with judeo-christian values.

We know that when ladies come together to work with their hands, something happens, and relationships become stronger, and their life can be comforted and encouraged through someones experience with God.

I understood an important truth, you need perseverance and it takes time to do what you want, especially when it comes to God s work among people. Regarding the project that involves using art, the process is very slow. Im still waiting for an answer from the General office of social work and children care in Craiova. I plan to go to orphanages and do mural paintings for children. There are a lot of orphanages in Craiova.

Also, since last year I had in mind a series of cultural events that involve international college students. With Gods help and Valley Christian Highschool from Arizona I organized “One night in Afghanistam” cultural event.

My friends form Afghanistan were very pleased with this initiative. They felt like home. It was a time where we learned from one another, shared specific afghan food and expresed our love for them.

Thank you, because only with your prayers and help events like these can happen, where people can see the beauty and new life of Gods family in which they are also called through Christs finished work on the cross.

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary