Thank you for Alpha


The fist Alpha series in Craiova has been done. Praise our God for all He has given us and also to the young people. I thank you for all the support given, spiritual and financial, so that this meetings might take place. During this unique time, young adults had the opportunity to ask questions, explore the central christian message, which is Jesus, and find more details about Gods plan for this world where they are also called to be an active agent empowered by the Holy Spirit to change the world. Even if there were some young adults that came only for two or three time, still they tasted a little of the grace of God and of the hope they are called to in this world. We continue to pray for them.

During the Valentines day we organized an event for them, where we had fun games with prizes.

Now that Spring is here I will concentrate more on my new project called Inspiring Arts where, among othesr, I work to form a group of volunteers and do mural paintings at different orphanages in Craiova. This project will be done through Hope for the Community Association. I will let you know more about how things are going with this project next month.


Thank you for beeing active agents in accomplishing the will of God in Craiova!


With love, Adrian, Dana, Haily and Klaus