The journey continues


We are at the end of Alpha course! In all of these six months since I began Alpha series, I had the joy of serving, knowing and proclaming the new life of the Kingdom to many young people. I answered to their questions, but even if some of them stopped coming to Alpha, I can still pray and invite them to my exchange of experience project for this year. During the last two Alpha meetings I meet Alex, a boy that I urge you to pray for. I know that you pray for all the group, and I thank the Lord for you.

Also, at our last meeting, me and my wife had the surprise to see the mother of Antonio coming to Alpha with her children. She is a broken women, but a strong one, considering what she went through, with divorce, raising her two children alone, carring for them.

I continue the ministry in the maximum security prison in Craiova with other brothers, and it is a challange to be among the prisoners, to be a testimony, share truth and trying to present the life with Jesus using non religious expressions.

During the next weeks I will talk with potential church partners for my AFECT life Exchange project in the North of Romania with the young adults. We want God s will to be done in every aspect.

Thank you for being active agents in fullfiling God s will in Craiova.


With appreciation, Jurge Family