Grace upon grace


In few words this is our experience in Craiova as a missioary familly. But this abundant grace from our Lord also overflows on the people in which we want to see God s image and glory reflected in the world. Together with the group of young adults we had the joy of spending a  Christmas time together with a lovely family from England, Peter and Ann, in their home. Cheerfulness, gifts and  gratitude towards the Lord Jesus marked the meeting.

After a few days, Antonio s family was pleasantly surprised by a visit from me and a group of university students from Timisoara, North of Romania. We brought them the good news with carols together with some food gifts purchased by the students. Antonio told me that we came at the exact moment because they were experiencing

difficult time this period. Their mother was overwhelmed by this expresion of God s love and care and she gave praise to the Lord.

Also we had the joy of organise, as a church, an event for Christmas addressed for childrens. During the event I noticed a students painting a wall of the corridor. And I started to talk with her about painting. I had this new strange idee of a project using my artistic abilities to form a group of volunteers that can paint and start painting in children hospitals or orphanages in Craiova. The girl liked the idea.

So this idee I want to implement this spring, with God s help, through Hope for the Community Association in which I am also part.

Please pray for these and all the other ideas, to materialize and for all the resources we will need to do what we planned this new year, so that Craiova will become a different city where God s presence will be noticed and desired.


We pray that this new year will be filled for you with new opportunities to reflect the glory and carrying wisdom of our Savior and King, Jesus!

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary