A Life exchange!

Because of the lack of space I cannot share with you all the wonderful things that God did in the past few weeks, but I want to give you a taste of what some of the young adults have experience from our first exchange of experience trip in a city in Transilvania through AFECT life Exchange!

“An experience that marked me”, says Corina, a 17 years old girl, “an experience that changed my life. Personally, in my whole life I have not meet people more loving and compassionate like those in Târgu Mures. They inspired me completely, becoming a model for my life and I was inspired by all the beautiful places, rustic and original, because of their special beauty. I wish all such an experience!!”

Denisa, 16 years old, the sister of Corina said: “In Târgu Mures I meet wonderful people and gorgeous places. It was a very beautiful experience where I learned many new things and where I got more closer to God.”

Antonio, the age of 17 said: “It was one of the greatest experience of my life! I meet new people, in a way I found my self and I finally visited Transilvania! Thank you so much!”

Lourdes, 17 years old, the twin sister of Antonio said: “For me personally, this trip was a totally special experience. I discovered new things, a beautiful landscape, the people with whom we spend time were totally awesome with an enormous heart and love for hospitality. It s like they rinsed my eyes. I felt totally different because they made me see how much love they have and helped me see God in a totally new light, more carefully! I don’t have anything to pick as what I enjoyed most because everything was wonderful!”

I thank you all for your prayers and for comming alongside us in making possible, with such a force from the Holy Spirit, this unforgettable experience! Without you this trip would not have been possible! Craiova is full of young adults that can enjoy unexplored areas, can experience the force of Gods love manifested through His children but also that can open before the reality of a personal God!

I want AFECT life Exchange to be the means by which highschool and college students can explore Transilvania, and other countries, but most of all, to see the image of Christ in the life of  young people from the curches with whom I will partner for future trips!

Now, I keep it touch with these group, through personal and group meetings, in the context of Alfa course where they can grow in knowing Christ and continue to experience the love of God!
I cant wait for the next AFECT life Exchange trip, where, maybe, you also have a chance to share something of your life with them!

Adrian Jurge


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