“God is the only God, and God is not alone!”


“God is the only God, and God is not alone!”  This remarkable statement encapsulates the unique biblical perspective regarding the nature of the Godhead, which is love in a relationship of self-giving.

It comes from the mind and heart of a man which I had the opportunity to translate for at a book launch in the Public Library in Craiova.  Ellis Potter, a former budist monk, had a world view seminar in Craiova, where I learned so much about the importance of a biblical worldview as a christian in a pluralistic, post- christian world. I had the joy of bringing with me, every day, a different young adult, to listen to this professor, who is also a pastor, and ask him questions.
Please ask the Lord God to reveal His nature to Cosmin, Alexandru, Marius and Antonio, through the means they need it.

Also I had my last course for my masters in practical theology at TCMII and after that I attended for the Al Massira training! Glory to our loving God for Al Massira!

 Together with a wonderful team from different cities and countries we were amazed of the price and dedication that brothers from the Al Massira team demonstrated to create this video course addressed to those who come from a middle east countries!

Please pray for a new beginning with Al Massira in Craiova, guided by the Spirit of Truth! May my muslim friends and others be overwhelmed by the good message, love and truth proclamed and demonstrated, not only through Al Massira, but through our relationship with them!
Therfore, bring before our loving God and Lord in prayer, the begining of a new evangelistic group among muslims using Al Massira as a tool! I also want other christians to join in this team!
Also, together with a group of youth, will be in a town in the center of Romania, to be with a church for a unique excha nge of experience! THis will be the start of project AFECT life Exchange, dedicated to building relationships based of christian values, exchange of experience in different romanian cultures, in partnership with local churches from those cities!Please pray for this new project!
Thank you so much for your support and your friendship, wherever you are!
With love from Craiova,
Jurge family

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