“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood…”

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Truly I had opposition from this ungodly system that expresses its dislike and reluctance over the things that bring into discussion the Creator and His works of wonder! Those that lead the Public Library decided, groundless, to cancel the event that initially was accepted. It was about a lecture I wanted to have about the reliability and historicity of the New Testament texts! I wanted to generate a debate so that people will see how well we stand regarding the accuracy of the text that we have so that they cand trust what the first authors wrote. I was very discouraged!

But thanks be to our God that in this month we also had a quest, a anglican vicar, a man of God that spend some time with us! He encouraged me so much!
Then, with our Lords grace we had five days of retreat in a camp in the North of Romania. There we meet with some of our sweet friends, a romanian family, Sami and Ruth, that minister in a village near Sibiu.
All of these experiences made be remember that victory and the consolation to press on comes through seeking Gods face above all thorugh prayer in humillity and worship! Especially in this part of Romania, where the spiritual fabric of the people is very tangled with secularism and paganism!

Please continue to pray for me as I seek the Lord and His guidance above all, for our joy and perseverance! Also this july I want to start the Al Massira course for muslims. May the Holy Spirit guide me to know how to start a group and to give the muslims a chance to understand the glory of the Gospel of Christ!
And finally, Ellis Potter a former budist monk, now a man of God, a writer and international speaker will be in Craiova and together with Youth With a Mision we want to have an book launch at the Library! Ask from the Lord an open door for the people to hear this man speak about christian world view and the dualistic world view.
Thank you for your friendship and support in prayers!
With love from Craiova,
Jurge family

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