Believe and do not search!

This is the popular phrase in an orthodox enviroment like this in Romania. I had the priviladge of being invited by a orthodox profesor from the University, to the international congress for young orthodox . He is my age, but he is very open to dialogue with an evangelical and recognizes that the orthodoxy lacks a personal aproach to Jesus in an every day commitment to follow Him and that orthodox people dont know the Scriptures.

At the congress I saw over 250 young adults and I could really see the need that they have in understanding and experience the transforming power of studying the Scriptures and that God calls them to a personal, lively relationship with Jesus our Lord.

My goal is to be ecumenical and address this need for the orthodox students at the seminary, with this orthodox profesor that invited me. I mannaged to meet this orthodox profesor through Otniel Bunaciu, a university profesor at Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest.

Pray for an open door where me and this profesor can encourage and bring the seminary students to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus and to study the Bible.


I thank you all for your prayers and to the Lord because the prison ministry in Craiova started. I am part of a team of ten persons and we go with ethical and social educational programs for the prisoners. My role is to observe a teaching material and teach it to the prisoners, but also, with tact, to give them a taste of the truth of Gods Word that can bring them into salvation.

Pray for this ministry, as we want to gain our trust as a team that represents Rock of Ages Christian Organisation, and also to build up relationships with the staff of the prison and with the prisoners.

Also pray for a planned trip in 20th of August, a trip that is part of a program that I want to implement among the Craiova university and highschool students. The program is called AFECT Life Exchange where I want to give to the young adults the opportunity to visit beautiful cities from Transilvania. Many students have not traveled to Transilvania. I planned to spend three days with a church for a exchange of experience in Târgu Mures, and the posibility to know the beauty of the culture, thorugh different interactions with christian students, cultural events, games, visiting touristic areas and fellowship.


“I can do what you can`t do. You can do what I can`t do. Together we can do great things!”                                                                                                  Mother Tereza


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