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I had unique moments with a group of girls, that were doing missions in 11 different countries. They were in Romania now. This allowed me to meet with the students that I know and in whoose life I want to see a transformation done by the Spirit of God.

I finished the series of debates and dialogue at the Public Library, and I dared to proposed to continue meeting for the Free Dialogue Club and of watching other documentaries on the truthfulness of the biblical events and of the New Testaments texts.

In this way we can bring to the mind and the heart of people, young and old, why should we believe and trust the God of the Bible, reveald Himself in Jesus. I want to do this in a contex of freindly, non-agresive dialogue and proclamation.

Pray for these objectives, that the Spirit of God to testify to their hearts that Jesus is Lord and we are called to trust in Him.


The last two weeks of the month I had to courses for my masters program in Practical Theology, at TCMII. One in Bucharest and the next in the North of Romania, near Zalau. When I came back to Craiova, us as a team of missionries had an event where we invited people to be a part of our next step in church planting, together with the team from Adventures in Missions, USA. At our table there were some young adults  and university students, muslims, with whom I meet regularly. Please keep them in your prayers.

Your support through prayer, engouragement and in other ways, make these relationships and activities possible.

With love,
Jurge Family

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