Spreading Gospel to Muslims

March started with a visit to the city mosque, where me and a missionary from USA, Samuel Peters, have been to talk and ask some questions to the muslims. Islam  is a missionary religios, and the sad part of  it is that many romanians turn to islam, also many romanian girls choose to follow Muhammad because of their relationship with a muslim.

At the mosque we interacted  with a Sheik from Palestine and he invited us to launch where we had the opportunity to proclame Christ to more than 20 muslims.

We answerd to some questions and I gave a New Testament in Arabic to the Sheik as a gift. The muslims were so impressed when they saw a New Testament in Arabic. Pray that the Lord will use that small New Testament to bring people to the Saviour!


Also God worked in such a wonderful way, when a Highschool teacher c from Valley Christian Hight school Arizona forgot his passport in a different city and could not enter the prison with his group anymore. He spend some time with me and finally came with me to my event at the public library where he addressend a group of 20 college students that were studying english and other langauges. We had a great time, been welcomed at the library talking about absolut morality, the meaning of  life, values and ultiamtley about how all of these have a foundation only în God.

In the last two weeks I had been with a church in Cluj-Napoca, where I did ministry among the university students joining Vlad Crizni, the director of Ravi Zacharias International Misnitry for Romania and a group of students from Oxford Center for Christian Apologetic. My purpose was to expose the vision and need that Craiova has for effective evangelism with academic excellence and with the hope that next year a team from OCCA will come in Craiova also.

Please continue to pray for God's work done here in Craiova because there are many projects that I want to do this year:

1. Al-Massira, video course to evanghelize the muslims in a small group.

2. Talks at the Public Library about  How Christianity changed the world

3. TO strenghtening the relationship with the young adults through personal development projects and life excange experience projects of this summer.

4. Starting the Alfa Course with the colllege and high school students this fall.

5. The socio-educational minisry in the prison in partnership with Rock of Ages

I cant do what you can do. You cant do what I can do. Together we can do great things!                                                                                                  Mother Tereza