Relating with Youths

The group of six youth from the age of 15 to 17 years old that Antonio introduced me to are very precious. One of them is Antonios sister, that brought with her some of her friends. They need so much to be shown christian love and to experience a christian friendship based of values.

My desire is to help them first of all spiritualy to know and trust the Lord, but also to come along side them in helping them to grow personally so that through all, God will inspire them and give them a vision for their life regarding their proffesion, relations, their place in the world and their value. Pray for this group of six young people to come to the knowlege of their need of Jesus at this age and that they can say and do something important in this world.

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One of the last events that we had together with this group was at the public library, where we meet to relate, fellowship, watch a documentary film and talk about the complexity of the Universe and of our life.

The lady from the library is Mrs. Carmen, and she was the one that really was against me and my desire , at the begining, to have meetings for the young at the library.

But now her heart is soft and really apreciate what I m doing and she is looking forword to have future events like that and also to invite speakers that will aproach different topics on life, Universe.

My strong desire is to have discussions where Gods Truth in Jesus can pe proclamed with boldness. For this there is a lot of prayer required and dependency on the Holy Spirits work.
At that last meeting at the library, there was also this romanian couple from Craiova, that went to India for one month to practice yoga and maditate. This fenomenon is more and more intense among the people.

Therefore the need to proclame the Truth of Jesus is absolute, but this must be done with wisdom, respect, tact and pacience, while we wait on the Holy Spirit to open doors.

I can't do what you can do. You can't do what I can do. Together we can do great things.                                                                                                                                   Mother Tereza