Bible Training / The Truth Project

January started with a week of intense training in using Bible in story telling. To proclame the Gospel and different biblical storyes to familiarize the people who dont know the Bible or do not read the Bible in a culture where people love storyes, is very relevant and necesary.

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So, I had the great opportunity to share the story of Joseph to Calin, one of the college-student who graduated from dentistry, who was steuggling with the lack of a job, money and a future.

He manage to learn from the story that being a man of integrity, hard worker for the sake of work not money and obedient to God above all is the hope and the future for a fruitfull life.

I continued to meet with the young adults for the Truth Project, and Antonio, one of the teenager, introduced me to a group of five

young people with whom I want to have different social and cultural events at the public library and at my home.  
The young hunger for acceptance, love and help from someone older that might give them a sense of direction and support in life.
Please pray for this new group in which I want to invest, so that they will start to trust the Lord Jesus more and more, but also to fullfil their emotional, relational and social needs.

Please continue to pray for the urgent need of setting up an association to work with the young adults in a more effecient way. In this way we could tie partnerships with highschools, the university, public library and with other institutions in Craiova and reach the community with the Christian values in different cultural, personal development projects and life exchange programs.