Winter of the soul

As I continue to spend more time in Craiova among the young adults, I realize that I m living in a time of winter in the soul of men. There are no successful steps in winning people for Christ. After all we are dealing with living souls, that have personal life and free choices. As much as anyone wants to overwhelm them with the love of God and to show them that this world has nothing to give them, we will never force anyone to meet the Lord.

There have been meetings for Alpha, but the presence of young has been very week. I had visited Antonios mother and together with them we had a great time, around spiritual conversations.

Although I had planned and worked to start a new Al Massira group for arab speakers, things did not went as I wanted. For this reason I decided to postpone the meeting for the end of winter. For this next step it s crucial the guidence of the Holy Spirit and ideeas. So please pray for this. Also I need a team of people to work together in the ministry with muslims. I m alone.

What encouraged me this past weeks is the truth that our Lord calls us to be faitfull and responsible in the task that he Has given us. The rest is in His hands.

Thank you for knocking at heaven's door for us. Thank you for  keeping us in your hearts.


Yours in Jesus,

Adrian, Dana, Haily and Klaus