Pseudo spirituality


Through Alpha course meetings I get to know  different highschool students with a lot of potential, honest but who fell prey to the dangerous mind set of New Age. It is noticeable that this fenomenon gains ground among the people in Craiova! I have mentioned about this reality before in a former letter when I saw this at the public library among different age group, boys and girls who were interested in hinduism, or the laidy at the American Corner who associate God the Father, Holy Spirit, faith, with the universal energy, the unity of all things, etc.

This is a dark spiritual stronghold in Craiova!

I had the chance to participate in Selimbar, near Sibiu, to a Alpha conference where I meet with the director for Europe, the director for Romania and the director of Alpha in the prison worldwide. I was very encourage by all the testimonies of what the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of people that enconter the message of Christ through Alpha course and the power of the Holy Spirit!

But in Craiova I perceive a work of blindness and deceit in the minds of people through this appealing mentality that all of us are divine, there is no sin, whe can all be Christ!

The young adults that I met through Alpha are under these lies and they need to be exposed to all the  schemes of Satan that keep them to see the truth about sin, salvation, and submition to the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will glorify Christ and work to guide me in this imense spiritual fight so that many young people will be delivered from the devils trap and turn to the living, personal God!

God is bringing new young people to these meetings, therefore, I ask for spiritual support in prayer and intercession before our Havenly Father that I might know how to respond, engage and proclame the truth with love and authority!

Adrian Jurge