From heart to mind


Alpha course together with the group continues. The more I spend time with them and listen to their heart, the more I realise how much their friends, about which they tell me about, need this kind of experience to interact with other young men of God and to enter in this process of changing through Gods Word.

I meet two new young adults, a boy and a girl, friends of someone from the group, but there are a lot of factors that are distracting them from what the Lord wants for them, because they came back in their environment. Materialism and sinfull patterns, entourage are only a few of the factors they have to struggle with.

I also started meeting with the afghanistan college students in their dorms for Al Massira, but its very hard! They are very preoccupied with material things. Because of this I want to seek new college students to start a new group for Al Massira, students that really desire to explore the message of the prophets regarding the Messiah!

In the next few weeks I want to promote AFECT Life Exchange project to many churches from Transilvania and other regions in the North of Romania, and maybe to countries like Hungary, Grece!

Also, I have in mind a second project addressed to this Gen Z group of young people, called AFECT Inspiring Arts, that I want to promote. This project wants to promote Kingdome values and inspire people to see a biblical worldview through artistic means. Choreography, sketches, dramas, music, painting, where young adults from Craiova can volunteer to play and share christian art publicly. For this I need christian volunteers that have the ability and art to create a drama or choreography, or mix different arts to comunicate the Kingdom message!

Please pray for these projects to get bigger within the thowsands of young adults in Craiova and for future partners to come along side us.

Adrian Jurge