November 2017


November was the most intense ministry month of the year 2017. I had the privilege of working together with a group of seven american girls from Adventures in Missions - Passport Team and with an wonderful american brother that stayed in our home for a week.
Thank you for your prayers regarding the beginning of my small group for The Truth Project and the beginning of our meetings in the Public Library.
We started a club called Free Dialogue Club where we meet to fellowship and discuss about different biblical, philosophical, historical, scientific topics where people can feel free to ask questions, be informed and encouraged to think critically from a Christian World View.

We had two meetings for the Truth Project with the young adults and one meeting in the Public Library, where we celebrated the Thanks Giving Day and talked about the history and the groundbreaking values of the pilgrims. The lady at the library, when we finished our meeting told me that we were really “lucky” to be able to meet here because there was a different event scheduled for those hours, but because the leader of that event did not called to inform that they will meet, those from the library considered the event cancelled and thats why we were accepted. But we know that our Almighty God was the one that made an open door for us. Glory to Jesus!
During my time with the Christian brother from USA that stayed at our place we had so many opportunities to testify and serve those in whom I want to invest as disciples.
There is this young romanian adult named Roland that experienced repentence while talking with us in the mall. He is seeking to know God. Pray for him.
We also started to meet in our new church location for Sunday as a comunity of believers, while from Thursday to Saturday each misionary is involved in evanghelistic outreach, seeking new way to know people and serve them, making every effort to spread the Gospel through our deeds and words.
My vision for Craiova is: “To serve God, by serving different people groups, while I generate a discipleship groups movement among them.” Please continues to pray for:
The prison ministry that I will start January of 2018. I need a team of 3 persons for this educational project called Hope for the Prisoners.
A partnership with the Countys Library where they will be open to collaborate with me