Together with my family we had a short holiday that was a blessing for us as missionaries who are always in activities, meetings, stress. But after the holiday ended we started having an debate event organized with Dominou organization in Craiova. They had over 25 young adults as volunteers from different countries for a month and we had different activities with them. It was a great opportunity to share my biblical idee on sacrificial love and the power of humble peacefull way to overcome evil in society, as Marthin Luther King Jr. did. Only if you have a Christian worldview that places a God that did that and calls you to a life like that. Some of the young adults, especially Ricardo, their leader and atheist, rejoiced to meet us and spend time with us. Glory to Jesus for these opportunities for witness for God.

Also I had the privilege to translate for pastor Andrew from Calvary Chapel from Long Beach California, in their one week of short term mission trip in Craiova. Those two days of conference to wquip the missionaries conected with Hope Church and the medical event were a valuable time in serving the peolpe in Craiova along sinde Andrew.

Thank you for your interest in what we do for Gods glory!

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary




Inspiring Arts

I praise our God for the oportunities he gave me for this past month where I worked for two schools in Craiova. Edu For Future, an after-school where I painted their logo and also taught the children some painting guide lines. Fly High english school where I realize, with the help of over 10 volunteers, a painting reprezenting their vision. These types of projects give a freedom for stepping on a safe ground, both to institutions and to the young adults that interact with us and are volunteers. While we are painting, interesting disscutions start to happen that revolve around our values, vocation and the reason for why we do what we do. All in a natural, proffesional and innovating way. I believe that we as followers of Jesus are called to live at the intersection between heaven and earth, to live at the overlap of the new world that Jesus had brought and this good creation that needs redemption.

Alba Iulia.jpg

Life Exchange -exchange of experience

WOW! What a blessed time in Alba Iulia! Together with Harmony church we made possible our second trip in Life Exchange where fun, culture, relationships and truth interwined to give to young adults a unique experience.

Cordos family, with a true love for the young, hosted us for three days in their home. The young people saw clearly what it means to live for others under the guidance of a loving God!

Continue to pray for new open doors like these where young people from Craiova can benefit from a trip where godly character, new culture and education will give a good recommendation for the new life in Jesus.

cultural USA.jpg

One night in USA - inter-cultural event

Together with a team from WorldRacer, I organized our third event where we talked about what America represents from the perspective of the virtues that makes it a one of a kind country.

We were assaulted by a group of volunteers from a different organisation in Craiova, young from Yemen, Portugal, Spain, Georgia with whom we became friends.

Next day after the event we went for a walk in the parc where we could share with them our passion for God and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus when you reach that point of surrender and trust in his unfailing love.


Hand-made workshop

The workshop is a place where different persons with different stories, intersect, create and enjoy a time with one another. At this workshop the participants made bracelets, and we believe that while we were braiding bracelets, God was braiding the wires of our friendship, adding to their life love, our example and His disclosure.

One of the participants was making a bracelet for his mother. After two weeks we meet them in the park and we saw at ther arm the bracelet. We rejoiced to meet her, discuss and encourage her.

Thank you for your prayers and that you hold alongside us the burning torch so that people might see it.

We know that Gods light shines over peoples lives every time when we reprezent God, until the darkness in their life will be overwhelmed.

With love, Jurge family.



With Gods grace the project that I worked for started in full force. I was called by a lady from an afterschool to paint for them their logo. It was a great opportunity to know them and share my vision. They allready called me again  to share some painting skills before their childrens during their art week. Also I was so blessed to have a group of World Racers that joined my ministry among university students. They are with me for a month and we are doing art ministry, building relationship and having spiritual conversations with students. One time we went to the medical dorm to talk with medical students and we meet a girl that was thrilled to meet us and talk with us. 

We asked God in prayer to give us an open door to share  and proclame the mistery of Jesus to the medical students (Col 4:3-4). And HE did!! The second day we bought pepsi bootles to give to the medical students who were during exams. We meet again with the girl and she brought a friend with her. She opened her heart to us so much that we learned she was just coming out of a dark depression caused by people around her and the twisted image she had about herself. She told us that she doesn’t believe in God, but that she saw that God is real for us and that we are full of joy because of that.

She said that she cannot believe in God yet, but she wants that. We pray to meet with her again after her final exam and maybe to even pray with her. Keep us in your prayer as we seek opportunities from God to procmane the mistery of God, Isus coming for us!

With the help of two volunters from USA I decorated the room with a world map where I do intercultural events and where we meet as a team of missionaries. They will come to join and help in my ministry with young adults, so please have them in your prayer as they move to Craiova next year.

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary



What needs to characterize a believer in Jesus is a willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of others, for their good, with the hope that they will know the Lord. Therefore, the effort made for all the events of this month, the house visits, student meetings, was worth it! The effort seeks to reflect our Creators love and a saved life from this present evil age, into the new life that Jesus gives, and a new family of God, to which all men are called. My dear wife had her second workshop of handmade creations, where we had the joy of having with us four of a big group of University students from Waco, Texas. They also were a choir and they lifterd us up to heavens with their celestial singing.  I rejoiced to be able to translate my wife at the workshop, given the fact that we had some international students as well.

Continue to pray for these workshops where people are treasured, they go home with something they had made and know us more and more, to trust us.

 Thank you all for your support in prayers and financially and that you dearfully remember us!


Dana, Adrian, Haily and Klaus Jurge

People matter

FotoJet (1)(1).jpg

The church is the multiethnic family of God that struggles to follow Jesus in this dark world.  

With regret I have to say that the plan to start project Inspiring Arts did not worked as planned. Those from the General Office of Social Work did not want to colaborate with Hope For The Community Organization. Still, there is a kindergarden that shared it s willingness to let me paint in their building, but only during summer vacation when there are no childrens activity.

I started working and planning for my second intercultural event, this time called, One night in Zimbabwe, together with some international african college students. The purpose for these events is to connect with young adults and to promote other projects that I want to do, like Life Exchange and Inspiring Arts, where I need volunteers that can paint.

During the Easter, we got together with the rest of the misionaries, Antonios family and a medical student from Zimbabwe for a picnic in Drăgănești-Olt. It was a time to relax, talk and enjoy food.

For this month I am involved in planning for the next Life Exchange trip in Alba Iulia, in partnership with a local church there.

I bless God, in Jesus, for the new opportunities to minister to the young adults in Craiova. Also, I thank you for always remembering us in your prayers.


With love,

Jurge Family

New Beginnigs

FotoJet (1).jpg

Serving others can mean to take what God placed in you and use it for others. One of the things that my wife had done, for the last couple of months, are handmade creations. During the Alpha course, she made notebooks as gifts for the girls that attended the meetings.

This month she organised her first creative workshop, with the topic: Textile flowers.

We want these meetings to be a place of relaxation, development and acquaintance with judeo-christian values.

We know that when ladies come together to work with their hands, something happens, and relationships become stronger, and their life can be comforted and encouraged through someones experience with God.

I understood an important truth, you need perseverance and it takes time to do what you want, especially when it comes to God s work among people. Regarding the project that involves using art, the process is very slow. Im still waiting for an answer from the General office of social work and children care in Craiova. I plan to go to orphanages and do mural paintings for children. There are a lot of orphanages in Craiova.

Also, since last year I had in mind a series of cultural events that involve international college students. With Gods help and Valley Christian Highschool from Arizona I organized “One night in Afghanistam” cultural event.

My friends form Afghanistan were very pleased with this initiative. They felt like home. It was a time where we learned from one another, shared specific afghan food and expresed our love for them.

Thank you, because only with your prayers and help events like these can happen, where people can see the beauty and new life of Gods family in which they are also called through Christs finished work on the cross.

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary

Thank you for Alpha


The fist Alpha series in Craiova has been done. Praise our God for all He has given us and also to the young people. I thank you for all the support given, spiritual and financial, so that this meetings might take place. During this unique time, young adults had the opportunity to ask questions, explore the central christian message, which is Jesus, and find more details about Gods plan for this world where they are also called to be an active agent empowered by the Holy Spirit to change the world. Even if there were some young adults that came only for two or three time, still they tasted a little of the grace of God and of the hope they are called to in this world. We continue to pray for them.

During the Valentines day we organized an event for them, where we had fun games with prizes.

Now that Spring is here I will concentrate more on my new project called Inspiring Arts where, among othesr, I work to form a group of volunteers and do mural paintings at different orphanages in Craiova. This project will be done through Hope for the Community Association. I will let you know more about how things are going with this project next month.


Thank you for beeing active agents in accomplishing the will of God in Craiova!


With love, Adrian, Dana, Haily and Klaus

The journey continues


We are at the end of Alpha course! In all of these six months since I began Alpha series, I had the joy of serving, knowing and proclaming the new life of the Kingdom to many young people. I answered to their questions, but even if some of them stopped coming to Alpha, I can still pray and invite them to my exchange of experience project for this year. During the last two Alpha meetings I meet Alex, a boy that I urge you to pray for. I know that you pray for all the group, and I thank the Lord for you.

Also, at our last meeting, me and my wife had the surprise to see the mother of Antonio coming to Alpha with her children. She is a broken women, but a strong one, considering what she went through, with divorce, raising her two children alone, carring for them.

I continue the ministry in the maximum security prison in Craiova with other brothers, and it is a challange to be among the prisoners, to be a testimony, share truth and trying to present the life with Jesus using non religious expressions.

During the next weeks I will talk with potential church partners for my AFECT life Exchange project in the North of Romania with the young adults. We want God s will to be done in every aspect.

Thank you for being active agents in fullfiling God s will in Craiova.


With appreciation, Jurge Family

Grace upon grace


In few words this is our experience in Craiova as a missioary familly. But this abundant grace from our Lord also overflows on the people in which we want to see God s image and glory reflected in the world. Together with the group of young adults we had the joy of spending a  Christmas time together with a lovely family from England, Peter and Ann, in their home. Cheerfulness, gifts and  gratitude towards the Lord Jesus marked the meeting.

After a few days, Antonio s family was pleasantly surprised by a visit from me and a group of university students from Timisoara, North of Romania. We brought them the good news with carols together with some food gifts purchased by the students. Antonio told me that we came at the exact moment because they were experiencing

difficult time this period. Their mother was overwhelmed by this expresion of God s love and care and she gave praise to the Lord.

Also we had the joy of organise, as a church, an event for Christmas addressed for childrens. During the event I noticed a students painting a wall of the corridor. And I started to talk with her about painting. I had this new strange idee of a project using my artistic abilities to form a group of volunteers that can paint and start painting in children hospitals or orphanages in Craiova. The girl liked the idea.

So this idee I want to implement this spring, with God s help, through Hope for the Community Association in which I am also part.

Please pray for these and all the other ideas, to materialize and for all the resources we will need to do what we planned this new year, so that Craiova will become a different city where God s presence will be noticed and desired.


We pray that this new year will be filled for you with new opportunities to reflect the glory and carrying wisdom of our Savior and King, Jesus!

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary

Winter of the soul

As I continue to spend more time in Craiova among the young adults, I realize that I m living in a time of winter in the soul of men. There are no successful steps in winning people for Christ. After all we are dealing with living souls, that have personal life and free choices. As much as anyone wants to overwhelm them with the love of God and to show them that this world has nothing to give them, we will never force anyone to meet the Lord.

There have been meetings for Alpha, but the presence of young has been very week. I had visited Antonios mother and together with them we had a great time, around spiritual conversations.

Although I had planned and worked to start a new Al Massira group for arab speakers, things did not went as I wanted. For this reason I decided to postpone the meeting for the end of winter. For this next step it s crucial the guidence of the Holy Spirit and ideeas. So please pray for this. Also I need a team of people to work together in the ministry with muslims. I m alone.

What encouraged me this past weeks is the truth that our Lord calls us to be faitfull and responsible in the task that he Has given us. The rest is in His hands.

Thank you for knocking at heaven's door for us. Thank you for  keeping us in your hearts.


Yours in Jesus,

Adrian, Dana, Haily and Klaus

Pseudo spirituality


Through Alpha course meetings I get to know  different highschool students with a lot of potential, honest but who fell prey to the dangerous mind set of New Age. It is noticeable that this fenomenon gains ground among the people in Craiova! I have mentioned about this reality before in a former letter when I saw this at the public library among different age group, boys and girls who were interested in hinduism, or the laidy at the American Corner who associate God the Father, Holy Spirit, faith, with the universal energy, the unity of all things, etc.

This is a dark spiritual stronghold in Craiova!

I had the chance to participate in Selimbar, near Sibiu, to a Alpha conference where I meet with the director for Europe, the director for Romania and the director of Alpha in the prison worldwide. I was very encourage by all the testimonies of what the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of people that enconter the message of Christ through Alpha course and the power of the Holy Spirit!

But in Craiova I perceive a work of blindness and deceit in the minds of people through this appealing mentality that all of us are divine, there is no sin, whe can all be Christ!

The young adults that I met through Alpha are under these lies and they need to be exposed to all the  schemes of Satan that keep them to see the truth about sin, salvation, and submition to the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will glorify Christ and work to guide me in this imense spiritual fight so that many young people will be delivered from the devils trap and turn to the living, personal God!

God is bringing new young people to these meetings, therefore, I ask for spiritual support in prayer and intercession before our Havenly Father that I might know how to respond, engage and proclame the truth with love and authority!

Adrian Jurge

From heart to mind


Alpha course together with the group continues. The more I spend time with them and listen to their heart, the more I realise how much their friends, about which they tell me about, need this kind of experience to interact with other young men of God and to enter in this process of changing through Gods Word.

I meet two new young adults, a boy and a girl, friends of someone from the group, but there are a lot of factors that are distracting them from what the Lord wants for them, because they came back in their environment. Materialism and sinfull patterns, entourage are only a few of the factors they have to struggle with.

I also started meeting with the afghanistan college students in their dorms for Al Massira, but its very hard! They are very preoccupied with material things. Because of this I want to seek new college students to start a new group for Al Massira, students that really desire to explore the message of the prophets regarding the Messiah!

In the next few weeks I want to promote AFECT Life Exchange project to many churches from Transilvania and other regions in the North of Romania, and maybe to countries like Hungary, Grece!

Also, I have in mind a second project addressed to this Gen Z group of young people, called AFECT Inspiring Arts, that I want to promote. This project wants to promote Kingdome values and inspire people to see a biblical worldview through artistic means. Choreography, sketches, dramas, music, painting, where young adults from Craiova can volunteer to play and share christian art publicly. For this I need christian volunteers that have the ability and art to create a drama or choreography, or mix different arts to comunicate the Kingdom message!

Please pray for these projects to get bigger within the thowsands of young adults in Craiova and for future partners to come along side us.

Adrian Jurge

A Life exchange!

Because of the lack of space I cannot share with you all the wonderful things that God did in the past few weeks, but I want to give you a taste of what some of the young adults have experience from our first exchange of experience trip in a city in Transilvania through AFECT life Exchange!

“An experience that marked me”, says Corina, a 17 years old girl, “an experience that changed my life. Personally, in my whole life I have not meet people more loving and compassionate like those in Târgu Mures. They inspired me completely, becoming a model for my life and I was inspired by all the beautiful places, rustic and original, because of their special beauty. I wish all such an experience!!”

Denisa, 16 years old, the sister of Corina said: “In Târgu Mures I meet wonderful people and gorgeous places. It was a very beautiful experience where I learned many new things and where I got more closer to God.”

Antonio, the age of 17 said: “It was one of the greatest experience of my life! I meet new people, in a way I found my self and I finally visited Transilvania! Thank you so much!”

Lourdes, 17 years old, the twin sister of Antonio said: “For me personally, this trip was a totally special experience. I discovered new things, a beautiful landscape, the people with whom we spend time were totally awesome with an enormous heart and love for hospitality. It s like they rinsed my eyes. I felt totally different because they made me see how much love they have and helped me see God in a totally new light, more carefully! I don’t have anything to pick as what I enjoyed most because everything was wonderful!”

I thank you all for your prayers and for comming alongside us in making possible, with such a force from the Holy Spirit, this unforgettable experience! Without you this trip would not have been possible! Craiova is full of young adults that can enjoy unexplored areas, can experience the force of Gods love manifested through His children but also that can open before the reality of a personal God!

I want AFECT life Exchange to be the means by which highschool and college students can explore Transilvania, and other countries, but most of all, to see the image of Christ in the life of  young people from the curches with whom I will partner for future trips!

Now, I keep it touch with these group, through personal and group meetings, in the context of Alfa course where they can grow in knowing Christ and continue to experience the love of God!
I cant wait for the next AFECT life Exchange trip, where, maybe, you also have a chance to share something of your life with them!

Adrian Jurge


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“God is the only God, and God is not alone!”


“God is the only God, and God is not alone!”  This remarkable statement encapsulates the unique biblical perspective regarding the nature of the Godhead, which is love in a relationship of self-giving.

It comes from the mind and heart of a man which I had the opportunity to translate for at a book launch in the Public Library in Craiova.  Ellis Potter, a former budist monk, had a world view seminar in Craiova, where I learned so much about the importance of a biblical worldview as a christian in a pluralistic, post- christian world. I had the joy of bringing with me, every day, a different young adult, to listen to this professor, who is also a pastor, and ask him questions.
Please ask the Lord God to reveal His nature to Cosmin, Alexandru, Marius and Antonio, through the means they need it.

Also I had my last course for my masters in practical theology at TCMII and after that I attended for the Al Massira training! Glory to our loving God for Al Massira!

 Together with a wonderful team from different cities and countries we were amazed of the price and dedication that brothers from the Al Massira team demonstrated to create this video course addressed to those who come from a middle east countries!

Please pray for a new beginning with Al Massira in Craiova, guided by the Spirit of Truth! May my muslim friends and others be overwhelmed by the good message, love and truth proclamed and demonstrated, not only through Al Massira, but through our relationship with them!
Therfore, bring before our loving God and Lord in prayer, the begining of a new evangelistic group among muslims using Al Massira as a tool! I also want other christians to join in this team!
Also, together with a group of youth, will be in a town in the center of Romania, to be with a church for a unique excha nge of experience! THis will be the start of project AFECT life Exchange, dedicated to building relationships based of christian values, exchange of experience in different romanian cultures, in partnership with local churches from those cities!Please pray for this new project!
Thank you so much for your support and your friendship, wherever you are!
With love from Craiova,
Jurge family

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“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood…”

FotoJet (1).jpg

Truly I had opposition from this ungodly system that expresses its dislike and reluctance over the things that bring into discussion the Creator and His works of wonder! Those that lead the Public Library decided, groundless, to cancel the event that initially was accepted. It was about a lecture I wanted to have about the reliability and historicity of the New Testament texts! I wanted to generate a debate so that people will see how well we stand regarding the accuracy of the text that we have so that they cand trust what the first authors wrote. I was very discouraged!

But thanks be to our God that in this month we also had a quest, a anglican vicar, a man of God that spend some time with us! He encouraged me so much!
Then, with our Lords grace we had five days of retreat in a camp in the North of Romania. There we meet with some of our sweet friends, a romanian family, Sami and Ruth, that minister in a village near Sibiu.
All of these experiences made be remember that victory and the consolation to press on comes through seeking Gods face above all thorugh prayer in humillity and worship! Especially in this part of Romania, where the spiritual fabric of the people is very tangled with secularism and paganism!

Please continue to pray for me as I seek the Lord and His guidance above all, for our joy and perseverance! Also this july I want to start the Al Massira course for muslims. May the Holy Spirit guide me to know how to start a group and to give the muslims a chance to understand the glory of the Gospel of Christ!
And finally, Ellis Potter a former budist monk, now a man of God, a writer and international speaker will be in Craiova and together with Youth With a Mision we want to have an book launch at the Library! Ask from the Lord an open door for the people to hear this man speak about christian world view and the dualistic world view.
Thank you for your friendship and support in prayers!
With love from Craiova,
Jurge family

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Believe and do not search!

This is the popular phrase in an orthodox enviroment like this in Romania. I had the priviladge of being invited by a orthodox profesor from the University, to the international congress for young orthodox . He is my age, but he is very open to dialogue with an evangelical and recognizes that the orthodoxy lacks a personal aproach to Jesus in an every day commitment to follow Him and that orthodox people dont know the Scriptures.

At the congress I saw over 250 young adults and I could really see the need that they have in understanding and experience the transforming power of studying the Scriptures and that God calls them to a personal, lively relationship with Jesus our Lord.

My goal is to be ecumenical and address this need for the orthodox students at the seminary, with this orthodox profesor that invited me. I mannaged to meet this orthodox profesor through Otniel Bunaciu, a university profesor at Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest.

Pray for an open door where me and this profesor can encourage and bring the seminary students to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus and to study the Bible.


I thank you all for your prayers and to the Lord because the prison ministry in Craiova started. I am part of a team of ten persons and we go with ethical and social educational programs for the prisoners. My role is to observe a teaching material and teach it to the prisoners, but also, with tact, to give them a taste of the truth of Gods Word that can bring them into salvation.

Pray for this ministry, as we want to gain our trust as a team that represents Rock of Ages Christian Organisation, and also to build up relationships with the staff of the prison and with the prisoners.

Also pray for a planned trip in 20th of August, a trip that is part of a program that I want to implement among the Craiova university and highschool students. The program is called AFECT Life Exchange where I want to give to the young adults the opportunity to visit beautiful cities from Transilvania. Many students have not traveled to Transilvania. I planned to spend three days with a church for a exchange of experience in Târgu Mures, and the posibility to know the beauty of the culture, thorugh different interactions with christian students, cultural events, games, visiting touristic areas and fellowship.


“I can do what you can`t do. You can do what I can`t do. Together we can do great things!”                                                                                                  Mother Tereza


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Mission Updates / Events


I had unique moments with a group of girls, that were doing missions in 11 different countries. They were in Romania now. This allowed me to meet with the students that I know and in whoose life I want to see a transformation done by the Spirit of God.

I finished the series of debates and dialogue at the Public Library, and I dared to proposed to continue meeting for the Free Dialogue Club and of watching other documentaries on the truthfulness of the biblical events and of the New Testaments texts.

In this way we can bring to the mind and the heart of people, young and old, why should we believe and trust the God of the Bible, reveald Himself in Jesus. I want to do this in a contex of freindly, non-agresive dialogue and proclamation.

Pray for these objectives, that the Spirit of God to testify to their hearts that Jesus is Lord and we are called to trust in Him.


The last two weeks of the month I had to courses for my masters program in Practical Theology, at TCMII. One in Bucharest and the next in the North of Romania, near Zalau. When I came back to Craiova, us as a team of missionries had an event where we invited people to be a part of our next step in church planting, together with the team from Adventures in Missions, USA. At our table there were some young adults  and university students, muslims, with whom I meet regularly. Please keep them in your prayers.

Your support through prayer, engouragement and in other ways, make these relationships and activities possible.

With love,
Jurge Family

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Spreading Gospel to Muslims

March started with a visit to the city mosque, where me and a missionary from USA, Samuel Peters, have been to talk and ask some questions to the muslims. Islam  is a missionary religios, and the sad part of  it is that many romanians turn to islam, also many romanian girls choose to follow Muhammad because of their relationship with a muslim.

At the mosque we interacted  with a Sheik from Palestine and he invited us to launch where we had the opportunity to proclame Christ to more than 20 muslims.

We answerd to some questions and I gave a New Testament in Arabic to the Sheik as a gift. The muslims were so impressed when they saw a New Testament in Arabic. Pray that the Lord will use that small New Testament to bring people to the Saviour!


Also God worked in such a wonderful way, when a Highschool teacher c from Valley Christian Hight school Arizona forgot his passport in a different city and could not enter the prison with his group anymore. He spend some time with me and finally came with me to my event at the public library where he addressend a group of 20 college students that were studying english and other langauges. We had a great time, been welcomed at the library talking about absolut morality, the meaning of  life, values and ultiamtley about how all of these have a foundation only în God.

In the last two weeks I had been with a church in Cluj-Napoca, where I did ministry among the university students joining Vlad Crizni, the director of Ravi Zacharias International Misnitry for Romania and a group of students from Oxford Center for Christian Apologetic. My purpose was to expose the vision and need that Craiova has for effective evangelism with academic excellence and with the hope that next year a team from OCCA will come in Craiova also.

Please continue to pray for God's work done here in Craiova because there are many projects that I want to do this year:

1. Al-Massira, video course to evanghelize the muslims in a small group.

2. Talks at the Public Library about  How Christianity changed the world

3. TO strenghtening the relationship with the young adults through personal development projects and life excange experience projects of this summer.

4. Starting the Alfa Course with the colllege and high school students this fall.

5. The socio-educational minisry in the prison in partnership with Rock of Ages

I cant do what you can do. You cant do what I can do. Together we can do great things!                                                                                                  Mother Tereza

Relating with Youths

The group of six youth from the age of 15 to 17 years old that Antonio introduced me to are very precious. One of them is Antonios sister, that brought with her some of her friends. They need so much to be shown christian love and to experience a christian friendship based of values.

My desire is to help them first of all spiritualy to know and trust the Lord, but also to come along side them in helping them to grow personally so that through all, God will inspire them and give them a vision for their life regarding their proffesion, relations, their place in the world and their value. Pray for this group of six young people to come to the knowlege of their need of Jesus at this age and that they can say and do something important in this world.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 22.57.27.png

One of the last events that we had together with this group was at the public library, where we meet to relate, fellowship, watch a documentary film and talk about the complexity of the Universe and of our life.

The lady from the library is Mrs. Carmen, and she was the one that really was against me and my desire , at the begining, to have meetings for the young at the library.

But now her heart is soft and really apreciate what I m doing and she is looking forword to have future events like that and also to invite speakers that will aproach different topics on life, Universe.

My strong desire is to have discussions where Gods Truth in Jesus can pe proclamed with boldness. For this there is a lot of prayer required and dependency on the Holy Spirits work.
At that last meeting at the library, there was also this romanian couple from Craiova, that went to India for one month to practice yoga and maditate. This fenomenon is more and more intense among the people.

Therefore the need to proclame the Truth of Jesus is absolute, but this must be done with wisdom, respect, tact and pacience, while we wait on the Holy Spirit to open doors.

I can't do what you can do. You can't do what I can do. Together we can do great things.                                                                                                                                   Mother Tereza