March 2018

March started with a visit to the city mosque, where me and a missionary from USA, Samuel Peters, have been to talk and ask some questions to the muslims. Islam  is a missionary religios, and the sad part of  it is that many romanians turn to islam, also many romanian girls choose to follow Muhammad because of their relationship with a muslim.

At the mosque we interacted  with a Sheik from Palestine and he invited us to launch where we had the opportunity to proclame Christ to more than 20 muslims.

We answerd to some questions and I gave a New Testament in Arabic to the Sheik as a gift. The muslims were so impressed when they saw a New Testament in Arabic. Pray that the Lord will use that small New Testament to bring people to the Saviour!


Also God worked in such a wonderful way, when a Highschool teacher c from Valley Christian Hight school Arizona forgot his passport in a different city and could not enter the prison with his group anymore. He spend some time with me and finally came with me to my event at the public library where he addressend a group of 20 college students that were studying english and other langauges. We had a great time, been welcomed at the library talking about absolut morality, the meaning of  life, values and ultiamtley about how all of these have a foundation only în God.

In the last two weeks I had been with a church in Cluj-Napoca, where I did ministry among the university students joining Vlad Crizni, the director of Ravi Zacharias International Misnitry for Romania and a group of students from Oxford Center for Christian Apologetic. My purpose was to expose the vision and need that Craiova has for effective evangelism with academic excellence and with the hope that next year a team from OCCA will come in Craiova also.

Please continue to pray for God's work done here in Craiova because there are many projects that I want to do this year:

1. Al-Massira, video course to evanghelize the muslims in a small group.

2. Talks at the Public Library about  How Christianity changed the world

3. TO strenghtening the relationship with the young adults through personal development projects and life excange experience projects of this summer.

4. Starting the Alfa Course with the colllege and high school students this fall.

5. The socio-educational minisry in the prison in partnership with Rock of Ages

I cant do what you can do. You cant do what I can do. Together we can do great things!                                                                                                  Mother Tereza

February 2018

The group of six youth from the age of 15 to 17 years old that Antonio introduced me to are very precious. One of them is Antonios sister, that brought with her some of her friends. They need so much to be shown christian love and to experience a christian friendship based of values.

My desire is to help them first of all spiritualy to know and trust the Lord, but also to come along side them in helping them to grow personally so that through all, God will inspire them and give them a vision for their life regarding their proffesion, relations, their place in the world and their value. Pray for this group of six young people to come to the knowlege of their need of Jesus at this age and that they can say and do something important in this world.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 22.57.27.png

One of the last events that we had together with this group was at the public library, where we meet to relate, fellowship, watch a documentary film and talk about the complexity of the Universe and of our life.

The lady from the library is Mrs. Carmen, and she was the one that really was against me and my desire , at the begining, to have meetings for the young at the library.

But now her heart is soft and really apreciate what I m doing and she is looking forword to have future events like that and also to invite speakers that will aproach different topics on life, Universe.

My strong desire is to have discussions where Gods Truth in Jesus can pe proclamed with boldness. For this there is a lot of prayer required and dependency on the Holy Spirits work.
At that last meeting at the library, there was also this romanian couple from Craiova, that went to India for one month to practice yoga and maditate. This fenomenon is more and more intense among the people.

Therefore the need to proclame the Truth of Jesus is absolute, but this must be done with wisdom, respect, tact and pacience, while we wait on the Holy Spirit to open doors.

I can't do what you can do. You can't do what I can do. Together we can do great things.                                                                                                                                   Mother Tereza

January 2018

January started with a week of intense training in using Bible in story telling. To proclame the Gospel and different biblical storyes to familiarize the people who dont know the Bible or do not read the Bible in a culture where people love storyes, is very relevant and necesary.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 23.07.13.png

So, I had the great opportunity to share the story of Joseph to Calin, one of the college-student who graduated from dentistry, who was steuggling with the lack of a job, money and a future.

He manage to learn from the story that being a man of integrity, hard worker for the sake of work not money and obedient to God above all is the hope and the future for a fruitfull life.

I continued to meet with the young adults for the Truth Project, and Antonio, one of the teenager, introduced me to a group of five

young people with whom I want to have different social and cultural events at the public library and at my home.  
The young hunger for acceptance, love and help from someone older that might give them a sense of direction and support in life.
Please pray for this new group in which I want to invest, so that they will start to trust the Lord Jesus more and more, but also to fullfil their emotional, relational and social needs.

Please continue to pray for the urgent need of setting up an association to work with the young adults in a more effecient way. In this way we could tie partnerships with highschools, the university, public library and with other institutions in Craiova and reach the community with the Christian values in different cultural, personal development projects and life exchange programs.


November 2017


November was the most intense ministry month of the year 2017. I had the privilege of working together with a group of seven american girls from Adventures in Missions - Passport Team and with an wonderful american brother that stayed in our home for a week.
Thank you for your prayers regarding the beginning of my small group for The Truth Project and the beginning of our meetings in the Public Library.
We started a club called Free Dialogue Club where we meet to fellowship and discuss about different biblical, philosophical, historical, scientific topics where people can feel free to ask questions, be informed and encouraged to think critically from a Christian World View.

We had two meetings for the Truth Project with the young adults and one meeting in the Public Library, where we celebrated the Thanks Giving Day and talked about the history and the groundbreaking values of the pilgrims. The lady at the library, when we finished our meeting told me that we were really “lucky” to be able to meet here because there was a different event scheduled for those hours, but because the leader of that event did not called to inform that they will meet, those from the library considered the event cancelled and thats why we were accepted. But we know that our Almighty God was the one that made an open door for us. Glory to Jesus!
During my time with the Christian brother from USA that stayed at our place we had so many opportunities to testify and serve those in whom I want to invest as disciples.
There is this young romanian adult named Roland that experienced repentence while talking with us in the mall. He is seeking to know God. Pray for him.
We also started to meet in our new church location for Sunday as a comunity of believers, while from Thursday to Saturday each misionary is involved in evanghelistic outreach, seeking new way to know people and serve them, making every effort to spread the Gospel through our deeds and words.
My vision for Craiova is: “To serve God, by serving different people groups, while I generate a discipleship groups movement among them.” Please continues to pray for:
The prison ministry that I will start January of 2018. I need a team of 3 persons for this educational project called Hope for the Prisoners.
A partnership with the Countys Library where they will be open to collaborate with me

October 2017

“A Christian is a free man, bound to no one.

A Christian is a servant, indebted to all.”

                                                                                                                 Martin Luther


October was a different kind of month for the ministry. I interacted with people that I never thought I will interact, and especially in such a natural and cordial manner.

It s interesting to note that not all the time our plans and desires fullfil. And that is not a bad thing, if there are other plans in sight that will accomplish for Gods glory.

We did not went to Cluj with the boys, as I planned, but I understod that it was the best choise in the end.

I continue to met Marius Militaru every week to pour in his life what God gave me and to be witness to what God is working in his life to become more and more like Christ. We had personal and group meetings together for fellowship, games and spiritual conversations.

I continued to meet at the Countys Library with different young adults where I had the privilege to know and relate to three persons.


One of the is Simona, a college student an a former Jehova Witness, the second is Alexandru a PhD student very pessimistic about life, and Alex an MA student that had some spiritul experiences with demons.

I met with every one of them individually. With Simona at our place where Dana, my wife, met her and she is a seeker for the Truth.

I plan to start from 11 November two meetings per month with there persons that I met in these places and with others, where we will have fellowship and discuss a video course called The Truth Project, which is a sistematic and comprehensive biblical world view guide through all the fundamental questions of  life.

The last thing I want to share with you is about the collaboration that I want to have with an orthodox Church in Craiova. I meet a priest that was very open to dialogue and to work together in different projects where we simply want the people in Craiova to see and feel Gods love for them and the goodness of Christ.