Encouraging each other in the ministry

Today I have had the joy to meet with missionaries and evaluate the project initiated at the beginning of the year called  “Planting new churches”. I have listened to each one of them and I personally felt encouraged by the way our brothers have understood the call of God to be involved in areas without evangelical presence. Moreover, I was glad for challenging other churches making them aware of the aim we all have, that of bringing glory to the Lord in places where His Word has not spread. I realized that the brothers assisted by us through brother Nelu Sofrac  have done a few steps more than those who haven’t been visited, or had a specific strategy. But I have encouraged all to step confidently into this project, and I have promised assistance to all.

It was a meeting guided by the Spirit of God, we rejoiced having fellowship and sharing experiences from the ministry. We were challenged to pray for the trials our brothers go through, and we have understood better the needs that this project generates. We wish that until fall, each brother and the churches would focalize the activity towards planting churches, teams of work, strategies, and needs of people from that area. Some of the brothers have already established the place, and those who are still searching will be assisted by us.

One of the joys the Lord has done for us was that after we have prayed for brother Traian Chilau, shortly he has called us announcing the surgery went well. It was a joy to hear brother Traian and a fast answer from the Lord to our prayer request.

I wanted to share with you our joys and I thank you for having wonderful experiences through you!

Costel Tomus, PIE Romania Vice-President