The Power of Prayer

We can sense the Lord moving in exciting ways!

Together with all the churches we decided to  have 40 days of fasting and praying before we host an evangelization in Telna. We have experienced the way God works, and every night we have had around 40 unsaved people from the village come. We prayed for at least one person to come to Christ, and we already have four people! Two of them started coming to church, and two have dedicated their lives the Lord.

At Telna we had a funeral service, and once again this was a good opportunity for people to hear the Gospel and to be convinced of their need for Jesus. 

I thank the Lord for the PIEI conference, which encouraged us and motivated to plant new churches.  I pray for PIEI Committees in Romania and USA that together to bring more hearts to God’s Kingdom. Please pray for:

  1. The two women who dedicated their lives to Christ
  2. For more churches to be involved in church planting

Love in Christ,  Tani Nemes