Hope for the Children

A special joy this month thanks to Mariana Ileana and the association she is with!

Mariana had the chance to bless some people with firewood. I knew of one widow who burned her whole fence last winter to provide heat for herself and a baby grandson she was taking caring of. Another man cares for his adoptive Mom who is completely bedridden so he has little opportunity to get a job. At one home the wood was dropped by the side of the road, but 8 neighbors willingly worked to move a ton and a half of wood to help in this needy situation.

Another pleasure was to visit some clubs and deliver hand knitted winter wear made by women from churches and even a native American reserve in Canada and brought over by a team of Bible college students who were here for 6 weeks.

As of January our Saturday club, Hope for the Children, is now meeting Sunday mornings. The children have come to a church for years and now the idea is to see them integrated in the Church and participating with the Body of Christ. The children agreed to try it for 3 months. Our first Sunday I did not have high expectations as it is a big change for them. I wondered if even 4 children would remember to come. To my surprise and joy we had 18 plus and many were there for there for the first time!

We have also been praying about starting children's church again in the evening service as there are many boys and girls from surrounding communities who come in with missionary families. The challenge has been to find workers who would be committed every Sunday. We had a good turn out of people who expressed interest and signed up to serve "din cand in cand" (from time to time). At first I was disappointed, but after praying and asking the Lord what His solution was the thought came: "If people are willing to help part-time then hold meetings once in a while."

So we began. The first Sunday of each month we are all together for the Lord's Supper. The second and fourth Sundays a service is held in the church basement for children up to 11 years of age, and on the third Sunday two teachers take a group for adolescents between 12-15 years old. Thus far it has been going well and is a blessing to both the children and workers. Pray for the workers as they prepare that God will guide them and they will be excited about the lessons and how to share them at the level of the children's understanding.

-Dorothy Reid, RESO Kids ministry coordinator