Wrapping up 2014

With God’s help we have reached the end of 2014, a year with both sunny and dark days,
but through it all, I have felt the Hand of the Father in Heaven blessing us. In both villages where I minister, I have visited families of believers and unbelievers, talking around the Word of God. I have brought fruits and sweets for Christmas at the orphan kids in Abrud.

At the two churches, Sohodol and Ponorel, we have had special programs for holidays, and the Name of Jesus was praised with power. We have had guests from Bucharest. I have also visited the mission point of Baia de Aries.

I want to thank you once again for your support in prayer and for financial aid. It is a real blessing for me, my family and the ministry of God. May God’s goodness be poured over your hearts in this coming year, and may other souls find salvation in Lord Jesus Christ.

Florin Botar