Update from a visit

I have just returned from a visit to Romania, where I was blessed with the chance to attend a Missions Seminar for the Nationals. I was very encouraged to listen to their stories and see firsthand how their work for the Lord is progressing.

One of the goals of PIEI/Romania for 2014 was to encourage its nationals to follow a specific evangelistic project through the whole year. In the meeting I attended they wanted to hear the progress that was made on the missionary field but also problems the nationals had to overcome; the main goal was to offer support, assistance, encouragement, and to pray for them while also passing their prayer request to you, those who read these lines, trusting that you will continue to be our partners in the spiritual fight of winning souls for Christ in Ro- mania.

I was blessed to hear their stories and see how God worked through them during the last months. Here are some brief updates from them: 

· Traian Chilau was able to share Christian literature in 15 cities, while talking to people and praying for them and with them.

· Raul Costea’s vision was to invest in other people, training them for mission while he continues to search for new opportunities to share the Gospel in new missionary points.

· Relu Rodean presented two sports events they had this summer while point- ing out the importance of investing time and resources to reach youth in a non- formal environment (like soccer games).

· Cornel Fogorosiu invested in home group bible studies while inviting non- Christians to attend. He also expressed his gratitude to God because all 7 children from the village of Nou they have prayed for, received the full amount of money which will cover their bus transport fee to the school for the whole year.

· Tani Nemes’s vision is to reach Benic and Mesentea, two villages where there is no evangelical presence.

· Daniel Petrut shared the joy of being able to continue VBS this summer while in 2013 an American team came to Mihalt and gave a very good testimony with the VBS.

· Alexe Costea’s vision was to spread 2000 New Testaments through their area and
cover all places with prayer.

I was able to bring many gifts to the Nationals, including socks, medicine, and Bibles for their churches.

Please pray for:
· Knowing that we are in a constant spiritual fight, pray for spiritual and physical protection for our nationals and their families
· Pray for the people who heard the Gospel
· Pray for different events where the Gospel in presented
· Opposition from the orthodox priests hinders many of our efforts to reach non- Christians
· Pray for financial support for different ministries: summer camps, VBS, helping poor people, spreading Christian literature (Bibles, New Testaments, brochures)