Teachers and students

Dear brothers and sisters,

I thank you very much for your spiritual and financial involvement in sister Maria’s life from Perieti, Olt. Your financial aid was a real help for her. With the donated money, we have bought food, potatoes, fire wood for winter, 2 pigs and a goat. The animals were bought in order to bring an income to our sister. She can sell milk or cheese this way. Once again, we thank you for the good thing done to this poor woman. I want to praise the Lord for his grace over us!

At the public school in Nou, this month, I have had the opportunity to teach the students the Word of God. At small grades I have given Bibles with images, and for them it was something enchanting to have one of their own to take home. At grades 1 to 4, each week, the kids bring their Bibles to school and we read from them, then we sing and pray according to the lesson. Even the teachers asked for a Bible, being surprised to find out they did not have to pay for them. I told them they were a gift from God.

A very important thing is being able to open the Bible with the teachers. When we discuss on a certain theme, the answer from the Bible has divine authority and everyone is speechless. We pray for these words to touch their hearts and to accept God as Master in their lives.

This time is grace, and we believe that if we sow with faith, God will bring fruits at the right time. We want to thank you for praying with us and for supporting us!  God bless you!  

Cornel Fogorosiu