Update from Stoica Marian

This month I invited a sister from Cluj to assist and help the missionary work in the central area. Her ministry was various and was a great help:


  • In the children ministry- games and Bible lessons
  • In the the women's events (translator in Coman and Stoenesti)
  • With young people from the World Race, she took part in evangelistic activities (distributing Christian literature)
  • In social work together with a group from South Carolina and local workers (Mariana and Kevin); they gave food to needy families
  • In serving a girls' group in Daneasa

I served with World Race teams helping with the transportation to their activities. I had the pleasure to serve a missionary family, Darvell family, bringing them from the airport of Bucharest. Almost every morning from 9.00 to 10.00, I was involved in equipping the volunteers who worked with the World Race teams.

This month we were visited by my sister and a friend of hers. They visited us for personal purposes but also they wanted to see the work that we do. Also from Germany came a family and they brought donations from their church. Together we visited some brothers and sisters for fellowship and encouragement.

This month I did few social visits: to Stefan family in Coteana also I visited two widows and I went to see sister Sorina’s niece (hospitalized because of the abusive father).


This spring we received satchels with vegetable seeds from some brothers willing to help the ministry in Olt County. It was a good tool for evangelism and the seeds were given to families in our region. With this occasion God has blessed a family with a rich harvest.

Thank you to those who donated the seeds and we pray that the hearts of those who received will bear fruits for God!