Alba Iulia Youth Center Stage 1 Near Completion!

Now when we look back at the summer that has passed, we can say with joy and gratitude 

Indeed the Lord helped us

We are overwhelmed by His goodness when we look how the work progressed at the christian Youth Center in Alba Iulia. Since the completion of the outer enclosure, plumbing, electrical, finished bathrooms, a kitchen, and wells drilled in the interior courtyard have all advanced greatly and we are glad that we finally get an outline of what we want the Christian Center to be: a welcoming space in which the Gospel is to be proclaimed. 

We thank the Lord who blessed us with people who came along side us and helped: from Romania and from the U.S., those who have contributed financially or supported us in prayer. Each had its role and God will reward them in His time. We want to continue to work at the Christian Youth Center as the weather will allow, and as we will find financial resources. We invite you to join us in this ministry and be part in enlarging the Kingdom of God in Alba Iulia area!