The Power of Prayer

Together with all the churches we decided to  have 40 days of fasting and praying before we host an evangelization in Telna. We have experienced the way God works, and every night we have had around 40 unsaved people from the village come. We prayed for at least one person to come to Christ, and we already have four people!

Wrapping up 2014

With God’s help we have reached the end of 2014, a year with both sunny and dark days,
but through it all, I have felt the Hand of the Father in Heaven blessing us. In both villages where I minister, I have visited families of believers and unbelievers, talking around the Word of God. I have brought fruits and sweets for Christmas at the orphan kids in Abrud.

Teachers and students

Dear brothers and sisters,

I thank you very much for your spiritual and financial involvement in sister Maria’s life from Perieti, Olt. Your financial aid was a real help for her. With the donated money, we have bought food, potatoes, fire wood for winter, 2 pigs and a goat. The animals were bought in order to bring an income to our sister. She can sell milk or cheese this way. Once again, we thank you for the good thing done to this poor woman. I want to praise the Lord for his grace over us!

Update from Stoica Marian

This month I invited a sister from Cluj to assist and help the missionary work in the central area. Her ministry was various and was a great help:


  • In the children ministry- games and Bible lessons
  • In the the women's events (translator in Coman and Stoenesti)
  • With young people from the World Race, she took part in evangelistic activities (distributing Christian literature)
  • In social work together with a group from South Carolina and local workers (Mariana and Kevin); they gave food to needy families
  • In serving a girls' group in Daneasa