Red project


RED - is mission base that is located in Dolj county, southern part of Romania. PIEI is establishing a base here with the purpose  to spread the Gospel by recruiting ,equipping and assisting nationals missionaries to evangelise and plant churches . This area is considered   "grave yard for missionaries" , and the  percent of christians are 0.2%. God told us that the spiritual wilderness will be changed !

If you are interested in partnering with us, we are in need of prayer, monthly support, and long-term missionaries. God is providing exciting opportunities in this beautiful city, Craiova and we need people willing to commit their time and resources to make this vision a reality. We are in the process of recruiting and hope to have both monthly and long-term partners.

Will you work with us to see this generation of future leaders impacted and changed by the gospel? Your decision to engage your passion here could make waves not only in Craiova but throughout the world. So please prayerfully consider joining us.


Craiova Leadership

Raul Costea


Adrian Jurge


Team Craiova

Serban Emanuel & Eli


Laura Hansen

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Brînceanu Lucian


Samuel Costea