Like many of our partnerships, Reaching Philippines for Christ came to PIEI in 1989 as an established ministry looking for fellowship and assistance. RPC supports six faithful, hardworking pastors and their growing churches on a program that helps the churches to take over their pastor’s support as they are able. RPC works with Virgilio Olaer, a Filipino who is supported through PIE by churches and individuals, in the USA. As a church planter, he has started many of the churches PIE /RPC has helped over the years.

In addition to his work in Leyte, Brother Olaer regularly travels to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to help plant a new church there. This would be the ninth church whose birth and early growth he has enabled. Members from some of the churches he has founded in Leyte, had moved to Manila to work, and started meeting regularly for Bible studies. When Brother Olaer visits his 2 sons who live and work in Manila, he meets with this group which is growing. Brother Olaer named most of the churches he started Paglaum, which means hope.

RPC was founded in 1986 by three Filipino Christians to provide financial support to newly planted churches and needy pastors, so they can serve full time in the ministry. They have been involved with emergency relief and medical assistance, and have worked with a ministry inside the Philippine National Penitentiary. Over the years, they have helped about 30 churches. A recent addition to the ministry is the Paglaum Baptist Praise Band, which has been a great asset to evangelistic meetings in Leyte.

The Philippines is predominantly Roman Catholic, but Protestant churches are rapidly growing, especially the Fundamental and Evangelical groups. Population growth is high. During the past several years, the country has suffered from economic depression, political instability, natural calamities, and terrorism insurgence in the southern part of the Philippines. 

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