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The Gospel for the orphans

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Thanks to God that He uses me, to proclaim the Gospel throughout Ukraine, we are also grateful to those who pray for us so that we can achieve this goal with God's help. We send greetings and grateful to Kim and Erik von Oeyen that especially help us in our ministry.

 My whole family help me to proclaim the Gospel, for example, this month on March 19, we organized Evangelization in an orphanage and boarding school in Sadgora, Chernivtsi City. We prepared a spiritual program for them, as well as gifts with fruit, sweets, stationery goods they needed.

This Evangelization, we held in the power of the Holy Spirit, the children were pleased with this spiritual program and sweet gifts. The head of the boarding school was especially grateful to Kim and Erik for their help in the stationery and gifts, because the children needed them very much.

All children shouted together like a choir “Thanks the Lord and you!”. After this, they prayed the prayer “Our Father” and sang together a song “God`s love is high like a sky”.

This month, I spent a lot of mini Evangelizations, and next month I plan to work with young families.

Thank you for your prayers and for the material help that helps me in the ministry.

Missionary of the Mission PIE Ukraine P. Petihachny