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Working Together With the American Team

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet you with the peace of the Lord!

In July I was involved mostly in the preparation of the PIEI camp which started on July 30 and finished on August 4. We instructed the leaders for the camp and also organized a regional women’s conference on July 28 in brother Popov’s church. The conference went well and the American team, sister Gabriela Stef, Dr. Jackie and sister Patricia Grupp had a useful message to all the ladies at the conference. About 50 ladies attended the conference and enjoyed the fellowship with other sisters from other churches. 

On July 29 the American team visited two churches: Dinauts and Tarasasauts. On July 30 everybody got involved in the work at the PIEI camp. We thank God and you for helping us in the organization of this camp. The sacrifice is worth it, as 60 teens accepted the Lord at camp. 

Thank you for prayer support of this ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice and bless you! 

Candidates for Baptism

Please pray for the New Testimonial Baptism that is to be at the end of August in our church. We have already 6 candidates for baptism, among whom is the school principle from our village, Mrs. Aurika. Pray for her and for her husband who is not a Christian but who will come to the baptism of his wife. May the Lord touch him and change his heart! His name is Igor. 

We love you and pray for you! 

Pavel Petihachny