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January 2017

In January God helped us to minister the orphans. We organized for 270 orphans from Chernovtsy a meeting that we named “Christmas for Orphans”. There came families from the region, who adopted children, as well as 30 children from the orphanage in Chernovtsy. Each child received a gift. We fed them in the morning and at lunch. I gave some Bible advice to the parents but the leaders of our team had Bible lessons with the children. 

We want to share with you an event that touched us a lot. During lunchtime, a boy from the orphanage approached my wife, Larisa and wanted to give her the present he had received from us as gratitude for the great lunch they had. He explained her that he liked the food a lot and that long wanted he to eat such food. My wife told him that the food was given to him by Jesus Christ who loves him and wants a blessed and happy life for this boy. The boy thanked her and said that he wished to accept the Lord in his heart and serve Him. We all were very excited for that boy. 

On January 6 and 7 our choir and youth went caroling in two villages, Podvirna and Nesvoia sharing the Gospel to people in those villages. They gave each family calendars, brochures and invitations to the evangelism that were planned for the following day in the local churches. 

The church in Nesvoia had a week of evangelism. The purpose of the evangelism was the spiritual growth of the church. We are glad that a lot of unsaved people were at the evangelisms for whom we pray to be searched by God. 

Thank you for your support with the help of which we can do great works for the glory of God. 

Best wishes, Pavel and Larisa Petihachny