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Baptism in Nesvoya village


Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you with the love of Jesus Christ.

I thank our Lord for His and your help and support in working on His Field. The Lord gave me wisdom and health, has been working for the whole month to glorify Christ — Glory to Him! I, along with my family, served in the Christian camp of our mission PIEI Ukraine “Candela” and in our church where I serve.

1. Baptism:

In our church, the village of Nesvoia was baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, where 3 souls were baptized: 2 brothers and 1 sister.


One of the baptized is brother George, who repented of evangelism with Nicky Cruz, at the stadium in Chernivtsi. He used to be the secretary of the party organization, the chairman of the collective farm and was one of the persecutors of the Church of Christ. He himself said in our church even before his repentance: - I don’t know how the Lord will forgive me for expelling His Church. He went to our meetings for a long time and did not dare to repent. We prayed for this brother for a very long time, along with his wife Nina, who has long been a Christian and sings in our choir. Praise God that He does such miracles today, saves sinners from eternal death, and the Church of Christ grows.

Another young guy is my nephew Roger, the son of my own sister.

And the young girl Adeline, who repented at our camp last year. Thank God. We pray for these baptized people that God will strengthen their faith and bless them in the way of Christ.

At this holiday, our church, guests were invited, relatives of the baptized who are still unbelievers. They heard the Word of God and we saw tears in many of them. We pray for these people that the Word of God touches their hearts. At the end of this evangelization, our church, organized a love table where everyone praised God for what the Lord sends us: for our daily bread, and for all the products than the Lord blessed us with.

2. Evangelism:

I participated in the baptism in the church of the village of Rokitne. There I preached and participated in the ordination of 4 baptized. Also rejoiced that 2 of these young baptized people repented last year in our camp. We pray for Edgar. His parents are not happy that he received the baptism and are following him.

In this regard, that I am responsible for the churches of the Novoseletsky district (there are 18 of them) and the Hertsaevsky district was added, then I visited 5 churches this month: Zhilovka, Dinivtsi, Rokitne, Gertsa and constantly serve in my church, in Nesvoi. In our church, this month, another young girl repented, Thank God!


Thank you for your prayers and for your help that helped us in our ministry. Thank you for praying for the Christian camp of our mission PIEI Ukraine, we really felt the power of your prayers and the Lord blessed our camp wonderfully with the repentance of young people. For this it stands praying and working — Thank God for everything! Thank you for praying for all our missionaries who work in the ministry in our area.

4. Prayer requests:

- Pray for the awakening of Christian youth in our Chernivtsi region. Sometimes it seems that they have forgotten what they are called to. And we are all called to evangelize people and bring them to Christ.

- For evangelism in boarding schools for orphans in the Chernivtsi region.

- For my family, that God will give us strength and health, with wisdom and joy to carry this ministry for Christ.

Love you and pray for you.

Sincerely, Pavel and Larisa Petihachny.

Testimonies of the children who repented in the camp


Greetings, through the love of Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

We are grateful to God and to you for the Candela Christian camp in Boyan, where 45 of the 105 children and adolescents that were in our camp repented and accepted the Lord in their hearts. 50% of these children were from unbelieving families.

Thank God, the camp was carried out in the power of the Holy Spirit, where the Word of God was in the first place. And this Word touched children's hearts. Thank God, the Lord blessed us in this camp and we felt this blessing every day, every minute and every second our stay there.

As we wrote to you earlier, there were 135 people in the camp, 105 children and adolescents, 4 teachers for four groups of children and 26 leaders. We thank you brothers and sisters from the USA that you helped us organize this camp with your money and your prayers.

Now we will write you some testimonies of the children who repented in this camp. We pray for them and ask that you also pray for these children:

1.Vakarash Anna, 15 years old, the village of Forosna

"I am very grateful to God for being able to visit such a beautiful camp. It was very cool to play, to swim in the pool, and the word of God. I have never been to a Christian camp. This is my first time. My parents are unbelievers. And I repented. in this camp. Pray for my mother to let her go to the gospel church. Thank you all for inviting me to this camp.

2.Vakarash Igor, 17 years old, Forosna.

“I am Anna’s brother and am very grateful to God and you for the invitation to the Candela Christian camp. After all, in this camp I found out that Jesus is the Son of God, and He is God and the Word who was embodied in the flesh to take upon himself all the sins of the world and to save all people from death, I was among them. At the beginning of the camp, I was angry that I needed to study the Word of God, and didn’t even want to write anything. But the leader Alla told me: -you just listen and we will pray for you to understand the Word .I studied the Gospel of John with my brother Paul Petihachny. And really God gradually revealed to me. Jesus Christ, as the Word, was embodied in the body through the Virgin Mary, as the Creator of the entire universe, as God, as the Savior of the world. On the third day of the camp, I began to fill out my textbook and even asked my friends to help me fill out the textbook for the previous 2 days . I learned verses that indicate the deity of Christ. From John 20: 28-And Thomas answered and said to him, “My Lord and my God!” I also learned verses from John 20: 30-31-Jesus created many things before His disciples and other miracles which are not written in this book. 31. It is also written that you believe that Jesus with the Christ, the Son of God and believing you may have life in His name.

This verse points to the purpose of writing St. John. Thank God that I accepted Christ in this camp. Of course my parents are against this step, but I will pray for them. The Lord will help us get through this. Pray for my family so that we all were happy with the Lord.

3.Dyntu Stefani, 12 years old, the village of Forosna.

-I am very glad that I was at the Candela camp this year. I have a very good program and I really enjoyed studying the Word. The contests and games were just class. But I am more glad that I accepted Christ as a personal Savior in my heart. This I immediately told the joy to my mother and she, too, rejoices with me, Thank God. Thank you to everyone who organized this beautiful camp.

 4.Frunza Ekaterina, 14 years old, Dinivtsi.

"I thank everyone who organized this camp. I first came to the Christian camp. The impression ... well, very, very cool! I liked reading and meditating on the Word of God. After all, at home my parents are unbelievers, and they don’t understand what it means to belong to Christ ! When Jesus is your Savior and friend. I am just happy to have accepted Christ in my heart. Pray for my mother to be understanding with me and allow me to attend the house of worship and Christian youth meetings. And that the Lord will strengthen me in faith.

5.Rusnak Andrey, 14 years old, Dranitsa.

-I really liked this camp, and although my father is pastors in the church of the village of Dranitsa, I have not yet been rewarded. The word of God has touched my heart in this camp and I praise God for this miracle. Thank you for the invitation to the camp that I received. Thanks to everyone who organized this camp. My parents are just happy and also thank everyone who organized this Candela Christian youth camp in Boyan.

6. Gorobchik Pasha, 14 years old and Gorbchik Maxim, 15 years old, Novoselitsa.

-We praise the Lord that we had such an opportunity to be among our peers in this Christian camp. The word of the Lord touched us both brothers and we repented before our Savior. It is written in John 1:12, but to those who received Him, believers in His Name, He gave the authority to be children of God. Here we have become children of God. Thank God. We also pray for our parents to repent. Thank you for such a great camp.

7. Gorobchik David, 14 years old, the village of Kotilevo.

-I also received an invitation to this Christian camp in Boyan, as well as my cousins from Nooselitsy. We all were studying the Word of God from the Gospel of Ivan. I did not even think to repent at the beginning of the camp. My parents are unbelievers and I did not understand that such a repentance. But really the Word of God works wonders and I repented. Lord help me trust you! Strengthen my childhood faith! Thank you all for the camp.

8.Kitik Andrey, 11 years old, Tarasovtsy.

-I thank the Lord and all of you who organized such a great camp. I have a mother of unbelievers, but now she is reading the Scriptures. And I was in a camp in Tarasovtsi where a day-time Christian camp was held in the House of Prayer, another 2 weeks before the camp in Boyan. I’m very I liked it there. And when I heard that there will be a Christian camp in Boyana, I really wanted to get to this camp. I liked everything in this camp. Thank God that I repented and it’s very easy on my heart. We walk with my mother in the house of prayer Tarasovites and I hope that she will repent. I pray for her.

9.Giorgies Vladelina (11 years old) and Irina (10 years old), Mamalyga (sisters)

-We really liked the “Candela” Christian camp where it was organized so beautifully. We realized that we had to repent, so we both went to repentance. Our mother was a leader in this camp and our parents really supported us. Thank God and thanks to all of you who helped so that this camp would be held. Of course, I would like to have another week of the camp, but thank God for that they had it. It was very, very good.

10. Zhitar Biatris (15 years) and Sunamita (13 years) (sisters), Mamalyga.

-We came from the United States visiting our grandfather and received an invitation to this Christian camp. We felt very good in this camp. We liked everything: studying the Word of God, and playing, and worship, and swimming in the pool, and a quiz, and food. The Holy Spirit touched, through the Word of God, our hearts and we went to repentance together. We are so glad that we accepted Jesus in our hearts as a Personal Savior and the Lord, Glory be to God for His mercy to us. We must go home on August 27, in the States. but we ride saved and forgiven. May the Lord bless all He helped in this camp, who sponsored money, who prayed for this camp. Our parents also thank you all for this wonderful camp.

11.Padadush Vitalina, 15 years old, Kotilevo.

"I am very glad that I repented at this camp. Although my parents are unbelievers, but I realized that without repentance I would not see the Kingdom of Heaven. I liked the Word of God very much. And the rest, especially the evening of worship. Thank you all for such a camp."

12.Tsyganesku Raj, 12 years old, Tarasovtsy.

-I thank everyone for such a wonderful camp. I have not been to the Christian camp yet and I really liked this camp. My parents are unbelievers, but I hope that they will understand my repentance. I also pray for my parents. That the Lord touched His Word and their hearts So I want us to all serve and praise God!

13. Budean Eliad, 12 years old, Tarasovtsy.

- Thank God that I accepted Christ in this Christian camp. I could not wait for the resurrection, so that I could repent before our church. I thank everyone, and my parents also thank everyone who organized such a beautiful camp. Let the Lord bless you richly.

14.Trynta Zheorzhina, 14 years old, Stalinesti.

"I am very grateful to God and to all of you for such a wonderful camp. The word of God touched my heart and I let Jesus in my heart to be my Lord, Friend and Savior. I am happy that I already belong to Jesus Christ. May God bless you all!

15.Josu Michael, 15 years old, Rokitne.

- Thank God that this Christian camp was held in the Power of the Holy Spirit. The word of God touched my heart and I accepted Christ in my heart. I repented. Let Jesus help me to walk along a narrow path, always walk according to His will and fulfill the will of the Lord. Thank you all to both leaders and teachers. Blessings to you all!

16. Kyoresku Vadim, 14 An, Rokitne.

"I am very happy in the Lord that I repented at this camp. Thank God. Although my parents are unbelievers, I firmly decided to serve the Lord. This week I helped the leaders who conducted the Christian children's day camp in our village. I pray that the Lord will strengthen my faith and my parents repented. Be blessed!

17.Bordian Dima, 17 years old, Rokitne.

- Thank God that I repented in this camp. It was very good to glorify the Name of the Lord with the youth. There was a very blessed camp, there is no word to describe all this. Let the Lord bless all of you who helped to make this camp. It is very useful for the youth to study the Word Of God. The Lord blesses His work. Praise the Lord for everything!

18.Cebanu Denis, 14 years old, Stalinesti.

"I really liked this camp. My parents are unbelievers and I still could not hear the Word of God as accessible as in this camp. I realized that without repentance I won’t succeed. And I decided to take this step. May God help me follow Christ and look only at Christ. Thank you all very much for the wonderful camp.

19.Tozlovan Daniela and Gabriela (12 years old) twins, Chernivtsi.

-We from a young age go to this camp every year. We like everything there. But we admit that we were often naughty. And this year the Word of God touched our hearts and we went to repentance. We only want to serve the Lord and we gave our hearts to Jesus Christ, our Savior. We pray and hope that the Lord will help us in this. We thank everyone for this camp. It was very best. Thank God!

20.Martsinyuk Naomi, 13 years old, Mamaliga.

"I am very glad that I repented. I hope that God will help me stay on His Way. I thank you all for this wonderful camp. We have a very good rest both in body and soul. May God bless you."

21.Prutesa Julia, 12 years old, Tarasovtsy.

- I thank God for this camp, for His Holy Word that spoke to my heart every day. I thank the leaders and teachers for their patience with our children. Thank God that He helped me to be in this camp and I repented. I will pray for myself that God helped me to establish myself on His path, and I will pray for those who were in this camp and did not dare to go out and repent. Thank God for everything!

22. Glushak Lucia, 13 years old, Chernivtsi.

- Thank God that helped me to be in this Christian camp. I was in this youth camp for the first time. I really liked everything that was in this camp. But the most important thing is that I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. Thank Jesus Christ. Thank you all of you for this beautiful camp. Be blessed!


Dear brothers and sisters, this is only half of the testimonies of children and adolescents who came to repentance. Also, a lot of parents sent us letters of thanks for this camp.

We can only exclaim Glory to God for everything! We are only humble His servants. Thank you, our dears, for helping us sponsor this camp and praying for us. We felt that your prayers help us, although there were difficulties, but with God help everything went blessedly. Once again we say - Thank God for His Blessings in this Christian Camp “Candela”!

With love to you, Pavel and Larisa Petihachny.

Christian camp “Lamp” - Boyana 2019


Greetings to you through the love of Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sister in Christ!

So one week of hard work passed in the Christian camp “Lamp” - Boyana 2019. We thank God that He gave us spiritual strength to spend, in the power of the Holy Spirit, the central Christian youth camp Non Stop, misii PIEI Ukraine.

I know, my dears, that you all are our partners in evangelism, praying earnestly for our team of leaders, for teachers, for youth and children who were in this camp. And indeed this camp was blessed by God. Thank God, and thank you very much for finances that helped us hold this camp.

There were a total of 135 teenagers, leaders, and 4 teachers in the camp. There were 4 groups of children and youth.

1.Bible studing

-In the first group of the camp, brother Pavel Petikhachniy taught in an inductive textbook — the Gospel of John the first part. He had 39 young people in the group.

-In the second group there were also 37 young people who studied the History of Joseph in the book of Genesis by the teacher Kyoresko Gregory.

-The third group was from teenagers and was led by her teacher, sister Tamara Buzdugan from the village of Dinivtsi. There were 25 teenagers and they made an overview of the Old and New Testaments.


-And a fourth group of children (17 children under 10 years old) studied the Bible in a children's program with a teacher, Valentina Grishka from Tarasovtsy.

Thanks to the hard work of teachers and leaders, and by God's grace and love for us, about 40 children and youth repented in the camp. We will write their testimony to you. Now we will briefly describe those blessed events from our camp and thank God for His blessings.

2. Sport.

There were very interesting sports games every day for our children. Thank God, every day there was wonderful weather for these games. Everyone was very pleased and received prizes.

3. Glorification and worship:

-Every evening, in the camp, worship and worship were held with young people. There were sermons and songs, games and quizzes, scenes, Christian films, a bonfire and communication with young people. Thank God for the hard work of our leaders. We are also grateful to brother Alex Pastushak for that he performed his work so beautifully, took pictures and made videos about our camp. He worked during the day, and edited the video for the camp until 3 o’clock at night. Thank God for such a brother in our mission.


- We sincerely thank you, brothers and sisters, for your great support for our camp. If it weren’t for you, we don’t know if we could hold this camp. We thank everyone who prayed for us and for our camp, for your donations ( money, pens, sweets) for our camp. May the Lord bless you abundantly and return you many blessings.


5. Prayer needs:

-Pray please for those who repented in this camp for those 40 youth and children. Pray for all the others who did not dare to go ahead to repent. Let the Lord touch their hearts so that they repent.

-Pray for two girls from the village of Forosna and one girl from the village of Dinivtsi. They repented and their parents are unbelievers, and have already begun to persecute them. We pray and believe that the Lord will control everything and will protect these girls and strengthen their Faith in Christ the Savior.

-Pray further on my family, that God will give us health and strength, wisdom and patience, and that we work on His field with full dedication.

-Pray further that there will be peace in Ukraine.

Soon we will write more about our camp. Be blessed!

With love to you, Pavel and Larisa Petihachny.

Bread breaking at homes


I am grateful to God for the fact that He helped me this month to work in His field in the Spirit of love, strength and chastity. And I believe that you, all who support me, have prayed for my success in the gospel of Christ. With God's help, I conducted the following ministry:

1. Evangelization:

- In the church of the village of Nesvoya they conducted an evangelism and at the end of the sermon a young girl, Adeline, repented. She was in our camp last year. She stepped forward in front of the church and, with tears of repentance, received Christ in her heart. We pray that the Lord will bless her.

2. Help of a large family:

- We helped a large family to dig a well so that they have water for the family. This family lives in the village of Nesvoya, Chernivtsi region. All the brothers from our church helped to carry out this work, thank God!

3. Bread refraction:

- I made bread breaking in the churches of the village: Zhilovka, Nesvoya and Balkivtsi. He also visited patients from these churches with bread-breaking and made mini evangelism in their homes. And thank God that one soul repented of such mini evagelization.

4. Thanksgiving:

- Thank you for your prayers, because I strongly need them. Thank you for your material support, which helps me to work here. Thank you for praying for our granddaughter Daniela and she became better after the hospital. She will follow a diet and everything will be fine.

5. Prayer needs:

- Pray for peace in Ukraine.

- About young families to strengthen in the Word and not be discouraged on the path of life, but be pleased with what they have.

- For the leadership team of the PIEI Ukraine mission, so that this youth camp can be made in the power of the Holy Spirit and so that unbelievers repent. May God help us!

Yours faithfully, Pavel Petikhachny pastor, missionary of the mission PIEI Ukraine.

Youth Conference in the nature


I am grateful to God that I could still glorify Christ among unbelievers this month. I thank all those who pray for us so that we may succeed in the preaching of Christ.

1. Youth Conference:

The youth of our church from Nesvoi organized a district youth conference. This conference was organized in the forest in nature. At this conference there were about 50 young people who glorified the Lord through hymns and various spiritual quizzes.

I spent with them a lesson on the topic: - “Spend time because the days are evil”. Through this lecture, I inspired young people to find time for God, not just for their flesh. I pray that the Lord will touch their soul, that the youth will always find time to glorify Christ, because these are their blessings here on earth and in eternity when we are at the Savior's feet.

2. The blessing of our granddaughter:

On June 30, the blessing of our granddaughter Tatiana, the daughter of Angelica and Michael, took place in the Chernivtsi church "Philadelphia", where I conducted this service with love, together with the pastor of this church, brother Petrescu, Peter. We both prayed for our granddaughter Tanya, so that the Lord would bless her with health, wisdom and happiness. It was our family holiday for which we are grateful to God, Glory to Him for everything!

3. Evangelism:

We conducted 2 evagelization one in Balkivtsi and the other in Nesvoi. In Nesvoi, I preached at the funeral of one brother who was the father of the deacon of our church. There were many relatives of unbelievers, and even neighbors who heard the Word of God. I always pray for people who listen to the Word of the Lord in the house of prayer, at a funeral, or any other event in which the word of God is present, for the Lord to touch the hearts of these people and for them to accept Jesus in their hearts.

4. Thanksgiving:

We are very grateful to you for your material assistance and for your prayers, which very strongly support us in the ministry. May the Lord bless you and your families, and reward you a hundredfold.

5. Prayer needs;

- Pray for our granddaughter, Daniel. She lay 10 days in the hospital. She had stomach problems and fever. Now she is better, they have already let her go home, Thank God! We will finish it at home. We believe and hope that everything will be fine, with God's help.

- Pray for our youth camp Mision PIE Ukraine, which will be held July 29 to August 3. Now the leaders are preparing for this camp.

- Pray for our new president of Ukraine, that he asked God for wisdom, how to stop the war in Ukraine.

We love you and we pray for you, with respect Paul and Larisa Petihachny.

Gospel on the funerals


First of all, I want to thank God that He has opened new doors for glorifying Him. And I feel in my heart how you pray for me so that I can proclaim the word of God with the power of the Holy Spirit and love. I thank you for your prayers.

1. Evangelism:

-In the church of the village of Nesvoi, we had great evangelism. We had a good program and choir, and youth and the Word of God was preached. We invited many friends to this evangelism and after evangelism 2 men were repented, thank God!

-Preached at two funerals where there were a lot of unbelievers,

who heard the Word of God. In a neighboring village, Mamaliga, was at the funeral of the pastor's wife, Peter Zhitar. His wife's name was Axenia. I preached and comforted the brother of pastor Peter and their children.

2. Preparation for baptism:

-In the churches of the villages of Nesvoi and Zhilivka, we prepare all candidates for water baptism. There are 2 candidates in the church of Zhilovka and 5 candidates are in the church of Nesvoi. We pray that the Lord will bless these people to be true followers of Jesus Christ.

3. Meeting of missionaries of the PIEI Ukraine mission:

- This month we organized a meeting of missionaries of our mission to determine the teachers who will teach in our youth camp in Boyans and who will preach in every evening on youth glorification in the camp, how many youths can we take in this camp and other organizational issues.

We also decided that every church from our area should conduct daytime Christian children's camps. We prayed that the Lord would help to carry out these projects and that the Name of the Lord would be famous for these things.

4. Thanksgiving:

-We are very grateful to God and to you, brothers and sisters from the USA, that you are true partners in evangelism together with us in work for God here — in Ukraine. You always came and come to help us so that we could organize great things for God. Let the Lord bless you and return to you a hundred times your sacrifice.

5. Prayer needs;

-Pray about ending the war in Ukraine.

-Pray so that we can continue to help people who live in places where there is still war, they really need our help.

-Continue praying about our youth camp of the PIEI Ukraine mission, which will be held from July 29 to August 3, in Boyanah. Pray for our team so that God will give wisdom from Above and protect us from all evil. To the Lord to protect all young men, girls, children in this camp and the Holy Spirit awakened the youth to repentance. Pray for me and the Lord bless me and my wife Larisa with health and wisdom from God. We believe and know that the Lord will be with us. Let His Name be forever and ever! Amen!

We love you and pray for you. Brother Paul and sister Larisa Petihachny.

Helping the poor


I want to thank God that the Lord has helped me so that all the events in my life, this month, will be a success in the gospel and in glorifying Him.

I thank from the bottom of my heart to those who pray for me, so that I can carry out those plans of evangelism that I set before me.

1. Conference of Novoselitsky district sisters:

This sisters conference was organized by me and Larisa and Popovy family, Alla and Valeriy, to help the sisters study the word and include them in the 24-hour prayer: for young families, for young people, for children, and ministers. They studied Mark Gospel to show the sisters how Christ served other people. There were 45 sisters from different churches.

2. Evangelism:

We participated in Evangelization in the village: Molinovka, Koshuliany, Balkovtsy and Zhilovka. After these evangelisms, one woman repented, I prayed for her so that she could be an example before an unbelieving husband and with children who study at the university.

3. Helping the poor:

We helped one family, both of whom are disabled, to settle in the same house, which is located in the village of Nesvoya, where they will pass a course to restore their health, in the fall I will take them back to their apartment in Chernivtsi.

4. Thanksgiving:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are helping with prayers and materially so that we can preach the gospel throughout Ukraine.

5. Prayer needs:

-Pray for peace in Wakrain

-Pray for the PIE camp, so that unbelieving youth will respond to this camp, and that the Lord will protect this camp with his strength.

-Pray so that we can continue to help people from the ATO area and orphans.

- Pray for our children, Misha and Angela, who had a daughter Tatyana, so that the Lord would bless our children and our granddaughter with health.

We love you and we pray for you.

With respect, the pastor of the mission of the PIEI Ukraine mission, Pavel Petikhachny.

Great Evangelisation in the Bukovina


I am greeting you dear brothers and sisters with the love of Jesus Christ!

I thank God for helping me this month doing the work so hard to glorify Christ.

Thanks to all who prayed for me that I would succeed in Gospel, as well as to my family, who always helps me to carry out this ministry.

All-Ukrainian Congress of the ECHB in Kyiv:

24 on May 25, in the city of Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine), was held 28th All-Ukrainian Congress of ECHB. From Chernivtsi region, there were 47 pastors delegates to the Congress.

At this Congress reported for the work done for 5 years of activity, the bishop and the pastor who is responsible for all the churches of Ukraine, brother pastor Antonyuk Valeriy. And also all the missions that serve in Ukraine.

The mission of PIEI UKRAINE also reported of the work was done, the writing. All pastors of churches from Ukraine were satisfied with the work of all these missions and prayed for them so that they could continue to glorify Christ in this activity.

On the second day of the Congress, they chose a new Bishop (the pastor who is responsible for all the churches of Ukraine). Pastor Antonyuk Valery again turned out to be the bishop. This brother is very energetic and will organize the activities of all the ECHB churches in Ukraine. All pastors delegates prayed for him.

Evangelization with Nikki Cruz, May 26, 2019, Chernivtsi, Bukovyna Stadium:

26 May, in the city of Chernivtsi, at the Bukovina stadium, there was great evangelism where Nikki Cruz preached. There were about 10,000 people on the stadium, 500 choristers and about 200 were repented. From all 24 churches of the Novoseletsky district, people came to this evangelism. From our village where I serve (p. Nesvoya) repented brother George, a former collective farm chairman and former secretary of the Communist Party organization. He’s been in our meeting for a long time, his wife repented long ago, but he couldn’t dare. He always said ... I don’t know if God will forgive me because I worked a lot against churches. We prayed a lot about him and thank God! Let us be praying about him for God to strengthen him in his faith. Their children also come to the meeting and we pray for their repent.


I thank God every day for you, for helping me and we can do God's work together, and thank you for your prayers and financial help. Let the Lord bless you and return you a hundredfold.

Prayer requests:

- Pray so that we can organize our youth camp well (Non Stop), missions PIEI Ukraine, in Boyany. We have already started conducting classes with leaders. Let the Lord bless us with health, wisdom, and humility. We believe and know that it is not we, but the Lord Our God will bless His work and give repentance among the young people.

- Pray about the day-to-day children's camps to be held in churches in Novoseletsky district in June, in July and in August.

- In July 2019, I will organize a pastoral conference with pastors of the churches of the ECHB of Novoselitsky district. Pray for me that I hold this conference in the force of the Holy Spirit.

- On June 8, the sisters of the churches of the Novoselitsky district will hold a conference. Pray for God to bless our sisters who pray for the work of God.

We love you and we pray for you.

With respect, the pastor of the mission of the PIEI Ukraine mission, Pavel Petikhachny.

Missionary conference in Romania


I praise God, and thank Him for giving us success, in being preached to the unbelievers.

We are grateful to all those who pray for us and are grateful to the missionaries of the PIE Romania mission, who organized an excellent conference in the city of Alba Iulia (this city is located in the middle of Romania) for Missionaries of churches from Ukraine and Romania.

1.       Communication.

The missionaries of the PIEI Ukraine mission, together with their families, were at this missionary conference, and exchanged experiences on missions, with the missionaries of the PIE mission in Romania. I personally from Romanian missionaries, took for myself, new missionary strategies that I will use in our mission PIEI in Ukraine. Our missionaries of PIEI of Ukraine would like to have such conferences organized annually.

2. Evangelism.

In connection with the holiday of Easter, we organized two great evangelicals, in two churches: in the church of the village of Nesvoya, and in the church of the village of Balkivtsi. For these evangelisms, our young people invited all the inhabitants of these villages to attend our worship service.

At the first evangelism, in the church of the village of Nesvoi, about 40 non-believers were around, who praised Jesus Christ is Risen with us. In the second gospel, in the church of the village of Balkovtsi there were about ten non-believers. Our youth at the end of these two evangelicals, congratulated all visitors, with postcards with the inscription Christ is Risen. We pray for unbelievers who have visited these evangelicals so that the seed that is sown grows in them and leads them to Christ.

3. Gratitude.

I am grateful to all those who help me prayerfully and financially. Because thanks to this help, we can organize, evangelism, even in those villages where there are no evangelical churches. May God bless you.

4. Prayer needs.

   - Pray for us, so that we can help young families, establish themselves in God.

   - Pray for peace in Ukraine, where else in the east of Ukraine in the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk, there is a war. Let His peace come.

 - May 26, there will be a large-scale evangelism. At the Bukovina stadium, the city of Chernivtsi, with the famous evangelist Nick Cruz, pray for the non-believers who will be present there.

Please accept my sincere greetings from our family, we love you and we pray for you.

Yours faithfully, the missionary of the PIEI Ukraine mission, Pavel Petikhachny.

Pastor Conference

viber image 2019-04-25 , 10.02.51.jpg

I am grateful to God that all the circumstances in my life were for success, for preaching the word of God.

I want to thank everyone who prays for my ministry, which I perform with my family.

This month, on April 13, I organized the Pastor Conference, with pastors of the churches of Novoselitsky District. I held this conference in the Church of Emanuel, in which the pastor is Popov Valery. I taught them lectures on the subject: The Sermon on the Mount, with the goal that all Pastors would be role models in their churches, so that they would have the righteousness of Christ, and not the scribes and Pharisees.

And this month, I distributed seeds in 18 churches, for the poor, to plant their fields.

In the future, with God's help, I want to spend two large-scale evangelizations, in connection with the Easter holiday.

Brothers and sisters, I want to greet you with the feast of the Resurrection of Christ, with the words: Christ is Risen, Christ is truly Risen.

Thank you for your prayers and for the material support that helps me in serving here in Ukraine. Be blessed.

Yours faithfully, Missionary PIE Ukraine, Pavel Petihachny.