He Is Risen!

Certainly, for each of us, the feast of the resurrection of Jesus is very important, and this month the children worked hard to have a special Easter program with skits, singing, and other activities.

The children were full of energy, emotions, joy, and enthusiasm serving God first and the Body of Hope Church. I am thankful and blessed for the way God worked, helping Dorothy and me, along with the children, during this celebration. Even though there was a lot of work, energy, emotions, enthusiasm behind this special event we were able to successfully carry out these preparations with the children. However, the most important thing is that our children learned more and more about this feast, and how important it is to celebrate the Living One, Jesus!


During this time with the children, besides the Sunday school activities, we prepared a short program to serve the Church of Hope. The members of the church were encouraged to worship with the children, bringing the Body of Hope Church together as ONE in our Lord Jesus Christ! God is glorified!!


How important is it for children to discover what God has put in them, to see what great value they have in God's eyes and how precious they are.(How important is it for You to discover what God has put in You, to see what great value You have in God’s eyes and how precious You are?) We want to pray for and encourage all children to seek what talent our Lord has granted them so that they can use these talents/gifts for the Glory of God. Sunday school is a great context and we encourage them to prepare themselves from home, then to demonstrate these talents/gifts in front ofthe other children. The children’s gifts, such as music, drawing, choreographic dance, etc, are such a blessing from our Lord! What a great blessing and honor that they demonstrate these talents/gifts as praise and worship to our Lord.

Prayer requests:

  • Please continue to pray for the souls of the children, that they may be saved! Is anything more important than salvation?

  • Pray for Sorina, from Sunday school, that God touches her body and grants healing. Sometimes, she cannot breathe and is scheduled for surgery as soon as possible!

  • Pray for God to comfort the children that are sick. It's difficult to face illness/disease, but even the children must learn to trust God

  • Pray that our Lord will show You how important You are! Pray that He will show You the great value You have in His eyes! Pray that He will show You how precious You are…

Veronica Palcau - PIEI Missionary