Update on Kingdom Work in Romania

International Partnerships

Recently, some World Race missionaries from America joined me in visiting the Roma communities in Draganesti. We visited with some of our friends, prayed over the local stadium, and planned a community cleanup! It is a busy couple of weeks as we prepare for our kid’s ministry event on March 16th.

One of the ways we prepared for the event is by cleaning the soccer field in Draganesti. With the help of the World Race American missionaries we picked up 5 bags worth of garbage. More work will be done to make this a memorable experience for the children in the community.

Local Children’s Ministry

We have also been sowing into the children by reviewing the Bible stories and verses for this year during Sunday school. In our recent Bible lessons we talked about persecution and how Jesus told us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44).

One of our students shared with us that her classmates laugh at her because of her faith. But, God has worked wonderfully in her life and she is not ashamed of her faith in Christ. A colleague of mine suggested that she share the Word of God with those who persecute her. The next week she stepped in boldness and brought a Bible with her to school.

Sunday School provides an environment where children can openly share the problems in their lives such as trouble in school or spiritual struggles. I am glad that God has provided this safety for the children. I can see how children are more open to learning about the Gospel and drawing near to their salvation.

God is glorified in what He does in the lives of the children and how He uses them for His Kingdom.  


Building Community

A couple of missionaries donated about 25 packages of planting seeds and calendars with Christian meditations to give to families in the community

During our home visits I was able to bless four families from the children's groups with the packages. Glory to God. These seed packages reminded me of the parable that Jesus said in the Bible (Matthew 13). My prayer is that the seed that is the Word of God grows to bear fruit in the lives of these families and children.

Prayer requests

  • Please continue to pray for the children! Some of them get laughed at because of their faith or the faith of their parents.

  • Pray for them to stay strong through this trial.

  • Pray that the Word of God will settle in their hearts, bearing fruit in their lives for God’s glory.

  • Pray that more will come to salvation and increase in their knowledge of Christ.

Veronica Palcau - PIEI Missionary