A New Adventure!


I never imagined I would fly over the ocean twice within twelve months. First, I went to Canada for the first time in my life, where I made many new friends. Now, I am in U.S. for the first time, feeling blessed by God more than anytime in my life. I am meeting people everyday that love the Lord and Romania. The people from here are very friendly and really want to serve our Lord.

When I talk about Romania, they ask many questions. Most of them have no idea about our culture and our country. I have been able to speak with children ministry leadership and over 100 children so far. I am blessed to spend time with many supporters, learning about both of our country’s customs and how our walk with Christ brings us together as one in Him.

I have met with several groups of christians interested in learning more about Romania and our ministry. It has been a dream come true to visit the U.S. and learn that people here have a real love for the Lord and want to see our work in Romania blessed in every way imaginable. Please pray for the rest of our trip, that the Lord continues to bless all those we touch and that His work in Romania will see tremendous growth as a result of our work together for His Kingdom.


My only sadness is that I cannot see everyone I want to see during this trip! The U.S. is SO BIG! I had no idea how much time it takes just to travel to another Texas city. I can only pray I will return and visit more of my partners! May God bless you all and know I love you dearly!!

Veronica Palcau - PIEI Missionary