Children Ministry Update

Dearest partners, 

May God be glorified for the way he works in the lives of the children, moving them to be part of the Church in Draganesti. God amazes me every time as I witness what children learn about who God is and what he can do. 

Recently, in one Sunday at church, one of the children came to me and asked me what to do to be a member of the church and later He told me he wants to be baptized. We started to explain what is involved and how important this step is in his life. His name is Jonathan, he is almost 14 years old and attends every Sunday at the church with his sisters. I would appreciate your prayers to be granted wisdom from God so I can explain in a fair and clear way this eternal decision.

Together with PVT and the World Race we hosted a special event for children. This was only possible with God's help. Around 100 children attended this event from Draganesti and other surrounding villages. We had 10 different stations with different activities that children could attend and be exposed to the Gospel through Bible stories, Bible verses, singing, etc. For many, it was their first time at such an event. Pray that God willmove in their hearts and they will be saved.


Prayer requests:

  • For Jonathan to understand how important it is to be saved and the next step baptism

  • For children who were attending to the event to remember what they have learned about God

  • For their salvation

  • For their parents to learn about the Lord and be saved

  • For their parents to come to Church