News from Children's Ministry

I am amazed and surprised at the way God works in a wonderful way every time in children's lives, because His desire for children is to be part of the Church. Here at Hope Church, Draganesti, we work diligently to involve the children in short drama and music programs.

In the past few days, God surprised me through a child in one of the programs.  I had been teaching them a Bible verse and one boy memorized it very quickly. His understanding of the verse so quickly was remarkable. The name of the boy is Marin and I would appreciate your prayers for this young boy as he grows in the knowledge of our Lord. The Lord continues to show me how important it is to put the Word of God in our children’s lives as they grow so they will remember what they have learned from the Word of God when they reach adulthood.

Every Sunday,  different children visit the church from my each of my groups. Sometimes, there are more children and sometimes, there are less; however, God be praise because the children keep coming to learn about God and who is. God be glorified in everything.


Prayer requests:

1. For children to be able to memorize bible verses and that the Word of God stay in their lives
2. For their behavior to be changed by God
3. For the salvation of each child and their families
4. And to have wisdom doing well this ministry
5. A way of transporting more children to and from church and activities designed to bring them closer to our Lord
6. More workers/partners to join in the ministry

In Christ, Veronica

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