News from Draganesti

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

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May God bless each of you as you read this newsletter! I praise God for each of you and count you as my special partners in our Lord’s ministry here in Draganesti. I think this next photograph gives you more information on our Lord’s ministry here in Draganesti than all the newsletters I could write!

This child truly impressed me in a special way. When I took the children to the church, he was the first to repeat the bible verse I taught them two weeks ago at Sunday School. Praise the Lord that this seven year old child memorized the word of God. The child’s name….. MOSES!!

As you know, two month ago, with God's help, I started bringing the children from the Kids Clubs to church every Sunday. Our Lord is leading me to bring more children to the church each Sunday. 

The children join the congregation in worship and prayer.  They then participate in the Sunday School program. Sometimes, we prepare songs and bible verses to do in the front of the congregation.


This month we had a team from AIM (Adventure in Missions) that worked with us in the Children's ministry. We created a special program for children and brought more (over 50) from the city. We shared the gospel through the bible story about Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:35-41). Everyone also joined in song, prayer and games. 

To God be the glory in everything! Without your prayers and support, none of this would not have been possible.


Prayer requests:

  • God's word to deeply penetrate into their minds and souls

  • Their behavior changes more and more toward God and parents

  • Wisdom every time I teach the truth of God

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