Children sing, children learn and parents' hearts are reached for Jesus!

I. The Lord is bringing more and more children to HIS church! Recently, the children blessed the congregation with songs at our Romanian Thanksgiving celebration.

II.More and more children are learning the Word of God! The children were taught about Jesus and how he was fully man and fully God. Veronica gave examples of how Jesus was a child exactly like them.

III. Parents of children are hearing the Word of our Lord for the first time! Veronica's relationship with the children has grown so she can testify to the parents. In a recent meeting, people were able to meet, talk about Jesus and pray with parents.

Prayer, provision and promotion of our Lord's children's ministry in Romania is critical for its continued growth. Veronica continues to be encouraged by your emails, messages and phone calls. She wants you to know that your partnership brings her the strength she needs to face the challenges of this ministry every day.

Palcau Veronica