God must be praised with our voice, and OUR heart must join in holy exaltation!


Children have been involved in worship at the local church. Always they bring great joy, happiness and emotion everytime they are involved, praising God and serving the Church. Surely you can not be surprised that God works in a great way to see how these children praise Him. Worship is primarily for His benefit, not ours. A wise man (A W Tozer) said, "Without worship, we go about miserable."

The Bible is the only book whose Author is present when you read it!

I am glad to see every time children are exposed to the Word of God with other people. They discover God, reading and assimilating His Word more and more in their lives. Certainly, when they grow up, they will be more equipped to face the challenges that life presents.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat...I needed clothes and you clothed me… …”whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:35-40.

It was a great opportunity during the last few weeks to make home visits to the children's groups. Seeing and following the example of the our Lord brings me great joy, through which I can honor Him serving the children.

Sometimes, I am honored to be able invite kids for lunch and fellowship. Many parents typically do not allow theirchildren out with others, even though they have no food to feed their children.

This is a sample of clothing from my partners for the children from the Kids Clubs ministry. Always is a blessing for my partners to share from their abundance. I want the children from my Kids clubs not only to benefit but to learn from this example of giving. 

Prayer requests:

  • We continue to pray for their growth in God

  • Pray that they will love the Word of God reading and deepening the Word

  • For the children to bring to the church their friends

  • And do not be ashamed at school to express their faith

Veronica Palcau

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Children sing, children learn and parents' hearts are reached for Jesus!

I. The Lord is bringing more and more children to HIS church! Recently, the children blessed the congregation with songs at our Romanian Thanksgiving celebration.

II.More and more children are learning the Word of God! The children were taught about Jesus and how he was fully man and fully God. Veronica gave examples of how Jesus was a child exactly like them.

III. Parents of children are hearing the Word of our Lord for the first time! Veronica's relationship with the children has grown so she can testify to the parents. In a recent meeting, people were able to meet, talk about Jesus and pray with parents.

Prayer, provision and promotion of our Lord's children's ministry in Romania is critical for its continued growth. Veronica continues to be encouraged by your emails, messages and phone calls. She wants you to know that your partnership brings her the strength she needs to face the challenges of this ministry every day.

Palcau Veronica

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Abandoned by parents, but accepted by God!

Veronica Palcau was 12 years old when met a family of missionaries, then  she became part of their family.

        At the age of 16th  she realizes is sinful and weeps, imploring God's mercy and forgiveness. Helping in children's ministry  from her childhood, she gets to love what she does. Later, in her life and heart, there is a fight... to go to England to work as a baby sitter or to continue to take care of the souls of the little ones? After much prayer and praying, she receives the call of God to remain in the ministry and give up her career.

       Since then, she lives with the belief that God is faithful and will take care of her personal needs.

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News from our Lord's Ministry!

This month we held a special event for the children in Draganesti with our World Race partners. We were able to build relationships with over 70 children and their families through worship songs, games, and Bible teachings. The children learned that Jesus is the son of God through fun skits about Luke 9:28-36 and Matthew 3:13-17. They even memorised Luke 9:35.

God continues to work in the children's lives every time they come to Sunday school. We finished the book about the life of Moses and as a review, the children watched a short documentary about Moses and the people of Israel. Children also served Hope Church through song and bible verses for the glory of God.

I pray you remember Moses from one of my previous newsletters. This week I was impressed with the way he responded to questions related to the biblical story about Jesus’ crucifixion. I had not seen Moses for several weeks and was happy to see him participating.

Prayer requests:

  • For the salvation of the children from Sunday school and the children's groups

  • As God gave freedom to the people of Israel, that God will give freedom to the children from their sins.

  • The children remember what they have learned about God and the biblical verses.

In Christ, Veronica

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Children Ministry Update

Dearest partners, 

May God be glorified for the way he works in the lives of the children, moving them to be part of the Church in Draganesti. God amazes me every time as I witness what children learn about who God is and what he can do. 

Recently, in one Sunday at church, one of the children came to me and asked me what to do to be a member of the church and later He told me he wants to be baptized. We started to explain what is involved and how important this step is in his life. His name is Jonathan, he is almost 14 years old and attends every Sunday at the church with his sisters. I would appreciate your prayers to be granted wisdom from God so I can explain in a fair and clear way this eternal decision.

Together with PVT and the World Race we hosted a special event for children. This was only possible with God's help. Around 100 children attended this event from Draganesti and other surrounding villages. We had 10 different stations with different activities that children could attend and be exposed to the Gospel through Bible stories, Bible verses, singing, etc. For many, it was their first time at such an event. Pray that God willmove in their hearts and they will be saved.


Prayer requests:

  • For Jonathan to understand how important it is to be saved and the next step baptism

  • For children who were attending to the event to remember what they have learned about God

  • For their salvation

  • For their parents to learn about the Lord and be saved

  • For their parents to come to Church

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News from Children's Ministry

I am amazed and surprised at the way God works in a wonderful way every time in children's lives, because His desire for children is to be part of the Church. Here at Hope Church, Draganesti, we work diligently to involve the children in short drama and music programs.

In the past few days, God surprised me through a child in one of the programs.  I had been teaching them a Bible verse and one boy memorized it very quickly. His understanding of the verse so quickly was remarkable. The name of the boy is Marin and I would appreciate your prayers for this young boy as he grows in the knowledge of our Lord. The Lord continues to show me how important it is to put the Word of God in our children’s lives as they grow so they will remember what they have learned from the Word of God when they reach adulthood.

Every Sunday,  different children visit the church from my each of my groups. Sometimes, there are more children and sometimes, there are less; however, God be praise because the children keep coming to learn about God and who is. God be glorified in everything.


Prayer requests:

1. For children to be able to memorize bible verses and that the Word of God stay in their lives
2. For their behavior to be changed by God
3. For the salvation of each child and their families
4. And to have wisdom doing well this ministry
5. A way of transporting more children to and from church and activities designed to bring them closer to our Lord
6. More workers/partners to join in the ministry

In Christ, Veronica

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Children Ministry Update

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

God in His mercy continues to work in the lives of children by being open to the Gospel both at the programs and at the Sunday School. II am amazed and impressed by how God works every time when the children come to the Sunday School. I have begun a series of stories about the life of Moses and the people of Israel, and the children have come to know how God worked in the lives of these people.


I want to invest in people’s lives, just as the Lord Jesus invested. This month, a child came to me insistently telling me that he wanted to learn guitar. I accepted his desire to teach him that God may use it for his glory in the future as a worship leader. His name is Jonathan and I would ask that you pray for him as our Lord works through his life.

This month, with the help of God, an English camp for two weeks was organized for children.
We have had a nice time in which 25-30 kids from Draganesti-Olt have participated and learned English through creative and fun activities designed to build relationships with these children.

The children have enjoyed the lessons taught by volunteers from America, as well as the challenging games.

Please pray that our Lord be glorified in everything we do!!


Prayer requests:

  • for the consistency of the children’s attendance at the Hope Church every Sunday

  • their desire to grow more for the Word of God

  • for Jonathan to be able to learn to play guitar that can be use for the Lord in future

  • to teach them correctly and clearly God’s truth to children


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News from Draganesti

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 18.44.07.png

May God bless each of you as you read this newsletter! I praise God for each of you and count you as my special partners in our Lord’s ministry here in Draganesti. I think this next photograph gives you more information on our Lord’s ministry here in Draganesti than all the newsletters I could write!

This child truly impressed me in a special way. When I took the children to the church, he was the first to repeat the bible verse I taught them two weeks ago at Sunday School. Praise the Lord that this seven year old child memorized the word of God. The child’s name….. MOSES!!

As you know, two month ago, with God's help, I started bringing the children from the Kids Clubs to church every Sunday. Our Lord is leading me to bring more children to the church each Sunday. 

The children join the congregation in worship and prayer.  They then participate in the Sunday School program. Sometimes, we prepare songs and bible verses to do in the front of the congregation.


This month we had a team from AIM (Adventure in Missions) that worked with us in the Children's ministry. We created a special program for children and brought more (over 50) from the city. We shared the gospel through the bible story about Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:35-41). Everyone also joined in song, prayer and games. 

To God be the glory in everything! Without your prayers and support, none of this would not have been possible.


Prayer requests:

  • God's word to deeply penetrate into their minds and souls

  • Their behavior changes more and more toward God and parents

  • Wisdom every time I teach the truth of God

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Children Ministry

I praise God that my disciples are growing in their faith more and more each day! Our Lord has been showing them His path and they continue to amaze me with their walk in Him. We were asked to lead the worship at Hope Church one Sunday this month and it was a glorious time! I hope you will continue to pray for Ana and Alex as they grow in our Lord.

You will remember, that in my last e-mail, I mentioned our project to bring children to church. This month with God's helps, I started to bring children from my Kids clubs to Hope Church for Sunday school. We are working very hard to build relationships with these children so the Lord might move in their hearts. Please pray our Lord will continue to bless this project for His Glory!

Birthday celebrations are always very special for any child and we continue to schedule celebrations for every child in our Kid’s Club. We make sure they have presents and know that our Lord is the best present of all for each of them. This month, Rebecca and Iuli celebrated their birthdays with us!



Prayer requests:

1. For the growth of the disciples in the group of children in the Lord Jesus and their faith

2. Every Sunday to be able to bring my groups of children to Sunday school at the Hope Church

3. God touches their souls with His salvation

4. Through their children, the parents to be able come to the church

5. And wisdom in better organization in this work with children

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