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My name is Ciudesnic Octavian-Florin, I was born on June 2nd 1992 in Tulcea, where I grew up and met the love of my heart. Through God’s grace we married on August 2nd2014, God gave us a child: Caleb and together, through our lives, we want to spread Gospel to people.

In the summer of 2007, in a christian camp, God changed my life and made me His own. In 2009 I was baptized and from the year 2010 I started understating that God was calling me in His ministry.

In April 2015 I had the first contact with the ministry from Oltenia, for 2 years we went there to support the ministry and from May 2017 we moved in that village permamnetly. God spoke to us, called us, blessed us (Exod 33:15).

Job position: Missionary in Floru, Icoana and Ursoaia villages

Family: Ciudesnic Octavian- Florin, Livia, Caleb


About the ministry

Coordinating the ministry from Icoana, children ministry, social involvement, evangelism, apprenticeship.


About the place/locality: 

The Icoana commune is in Olt county, eastern border, on the right shore of the river Vedea and contains the following villages: Icoana, Floru and Ursoaia.

The commune’s population rises at approximately 2000 people. From the ethnics point of view 94.52 % are romanians and from the denominational point of view 94.05 % are orthodox christians. There are approximately 200 kids.


All together, with the Christians from Icoana commune we want to be a living body of Christ which spreads the gospel of Christ to any being from the commune and from the rest of the world (Mark 16:15).


Through spiritual strengthening of the Church, apprenticeship, evangelistic and social projects so we can spread the gospel to all people in Icoana commune.


Through apprenticeship and recruiting, so we can form a team which develops, maintain and manages the projects that fulfill our vision (children ministry, youth ministry, street evangelism, social projects).

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Whorship leader in Floru and Icoana

  • Prayer, encouragement, financial support

  • Evangelist in Icoana commune

  • A missionary family

  • Volunteering


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