"New Life” Ministry

"New Life” Ministry has as a main purpose, recovering, rehabilitation and reintegration of the ones that are in prisons, over Craiova Penitentiaries. This project is working under the legal authority of “Aletheia” Christian Centre and is organized like this:


Project’s stages

  • First stage is taking place inside of prisons and here we have on our schedule a rehab program called THE STEPS OF CHANGING where every inmate is free to sign in to follow all the courses in this program which end with the accept of following Christ, as a response of what he has learned during this program, and accepting Christ and wanting to have a new life, he can benefit of the stage II of the New Life Project.

  • This part is taking place outside of the prisons and its primary purpose is helping the ones that now are out of prison, moral help, spiritual help, material help. They already accepted Christ in their hearts on this stage, and we support them for reintegration, rehabilitation and involving them into a Christian community.

Also here in this stage we have a team to oversee and take care of the ones that benefit our support, as they are going to sign an agreement with certain rules to respect. They are going to live in a place for a determined period of time, 3 months for example, and during this time they will benefit counseling sessions, we eill facilitate them in getting jobs for them, accommodation, food, all into a Christian framework.