The taxi driver


I use to distribute „The Way of the Lord” newspaper to some taxi drivers. While doing this, I saw that one of them had a Bible several times. I thought about talking to him but I didn’t have courage as I thought I would hinder him from his work. I memorized his car number and I continued to pray for him. After some time, a sister from our church told me his name as she used to come to church with that taxi.

Last week I was praying in the morning for the tasks of the day. I had written on a piece of paper the names of the persons I wanted to reach with the newspaper that day. One of them was the taxi driver.

I went downtown around 9 o’clock in the morning and while I was walking I saw the car of the taxi driver parking. I headed towards him without hesitation. I knocked in his window. He thought I needed a ride. I handed him a newspaper and I told him: „Whenever you can, if you can, I would like to talk to you.” I was so suprised when he answered: „I also want to talk to you! We can talk right now!” So, in his car, right there, in the parking lot, we talked more than an hour. He had been visiting the Seventh Day Adventist Church and he had some questions. We also talked about the Sabbath day. We decided to talk another time as well.

I am so grateful for this young man’s availability. May the Lord bring him light, freedom from the Old covenant and may he become close to Grace, close to Christ.

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary