Assessment and planning


Each week, before a new youth meeting, the team gathers for assessment and planning. We evaluate the meeting we had before in order to see what we can and have to improve. Then, we plan the next meeting: each of us has to know their responsabilities (social interaction, games, worship, message, announcement, groups), to be aware of the lesson and how to deal with the subject in small groups. We also have a contest with prizes, young people being encouraged to spend time with Jesus on a daily basis during the “Quiet time”.

We really appreciate the earnestness and the tenacity, as well as the sacrifice done by the team “Word of Life”. Twice a week they come from almost 160km (some from 240km) away to support us in this ministry. Also, many of the leaders of the groups also work, but they do all the possible to attend all the meetings. As hosts, our brothers from the Brethren Church made available a warm and welcoming building.

Please, pray with us that the Lord will bless this ministry, all those involved in serving. We pray that more and more young people from Alexandria and surroundings come to know the new life that comes from above, life brought only through the work and reign of our Lord Christ.

We are ready and we pray for God’s grace!

Mihail & Emanuela Geabou