As usually, in His grace, God exceedes the expectations of those He loves. On May 12th, Rebeca, Raluca and Tibi testified Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. I remember with great joy and amazement the way the Spirit of the Lord worked among us. We were so glad there were guests who entered the House of the Lord for the very first time.  We are thankful for God’s message that day and for the  mysterious and wonderful way He is still working in the hearts of the people. We continue to pray for those who were baptized to be disciples who will honor the Lord, no matter where they go. May they be devoted and reliable christians.

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary



Sharing the Gospel in Teleorman. We had the first meeting at „The Way of the Lord” Church with brother Raul Coste and other ministers in the fields of the Gospel.

Through God’s grace, the ministry in Draganești Olt spreads beyond the borders of the county. After Dolj, they help in Teleorman county now. At least three ministers in Teleorman expressed their intention to cooperate with the ministry and we are already blessed through the support of our brothers in Drăgănești Olt.

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary



With a team of young people from Betel Church in Potcoava and from Bunavestire Church in Bucharest, we went to the village fair in Potcoava to sing and share the Gospel.

We are so thankful to the Lord that even though it rained, it didn’t rain so heavily and we were able to sing. We are praying for those who received „The Way of the Lord” newspaper. May they receive not only a newspaper but the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour!

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

Health... and more than that


Around 60 Romanian and American missionaries visited our church, “The Way of the Lord” Church in Alexandria. Their goal was to offer spiritual counselling, medical assistance (checking blood pressure, blood sugar and reading glasses) but also to distribute hundreds of New Testaments in Alexandria and to pray for our little town. We are so thankful to brother Raul Costea and brother Cornel Ștef, as well for the Romanian and American teams that were involved in the event!

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

„Tonight we have pizza for dinner!”


No doubt that the most important need of a person is the salvation of the soul. Unfortunately, the most felt needs of a person are those of the body. Our Lord Jesus came to save us but He didn’t neglect the pain and the earthly needs.

Due to the generosity and kindness of some people, we received a lot of pizza to distribute to others.  In a great rush, not to get defrosted, thousands of pizzas were distributed in Teleorman through „The Way of the Lord” church in Alexandria as a part of the partnership with Hope Church in Draganesti Olt. In God’s kindness, in the evening, in many homes the stoves were on and the smell of pizza announced the dinner.

This was also the time when we discoverd something else: while many didn’t have enough space in their freezers to keep the offered pizza, some didn’t have freezers at all and a family didn’t even have a stove where to cook the pizza...

We are grateful that the Lord takes care of our needs! We are grateful He uses us to help fulfill the needs of our fellows!

„The World Race” Missionaries in Alexandria

thumbnail (1).jpg

On March, 8th, we were blessed to know Gisele and Samantha, two missionaries who came in Romania through „The World Race”.

Together, we went to Orbeasca where the girls had a special lesson for the kids. Both Gisele’s Bible lesson and Samantha’s song were about the Light- Christ is the Light. Assured that whoever lives in the light doesn’t want to go back in darkness, we pray that those kids will come to know and share the Light of Christ!

In the evening we came back in Alexandria for the youth meeting. There we had an extraordary good time. The  teenagers from our group had the opportunity to hear about Gisele and Samantha’s life experience and how they came to know Lord Jesus. No doubt that the testimonies had great impact on those who haven’t chosen the Way of the Lord yet.

Both the kids from Orbeasca and the young people in Alexandria enjoyed not only the ministry of the two missionaries, but also the fact they could exercise English with natives.

God is great in puting together His servants from all over the world!

You are Precious!


Indeed, each of the 20 women who attended the special meeting is precious!

         In Romania, we celebrate Mother’s Day in March, 8th.  We have been praying for few month to have a special celebration in our church on this occasion. We wanted to be both an evangelistic and refreshing event.

         The Lord was so gracious to us and we managed to organize a small event on the 9th of March. It was the very first time we organized such an event in our church. We invited the women from our church and we challenged them to invite some other women- their friends. We were so happy that 5 non-believers responded to our invitation.

         We had 2 guests from Bucharest who encouraged us and we spent more than 2 hours in fellowship. We spent time in the Word and doing some crafts- painted flower pots in which we planted a bulb of a flower and some spring cards using some napkins and an iron. It was for the first time for many of them to be involved in such activities, but it was a time when they felt precious and had some relaxing time.

         The Lord sent us to be salt and light in this world. We have to be open to bring taste and guidance. Please pray with us this event to have been for the non-believing women a taste of how good our Lord is and a spark of His wonderful guidance to Jesus!

Emanuela Geabou

God adds and searches hearts


Each Friday we have the youth meeting with Bretherns and Pentecostals. Our church and implicitly our youth group, is small. But in fellowship with other youth the joy is greater and other young persons are willing to visit.

By God’s grace, we are so happy that four other young girls attached to our group. They come from non-believing families and they got involved in the Bible reading program and memorizing Scripture.

On January 18th, we discussed about the Holy Spirit at the meeting. I thought this would be a very difficult subject for them, but I was happy to see their emotion, curiosity and also the desire to have the Holy Spirit in their lives, to be Temples for the Spirit of the Lord.

May the Lord grant them the birth that only the Spirit of the Lord can do!

Yes, it’s your turn!


For the youth meeting in January 11th, I was apointed to have the message. We have a special material that we follow but because an innapropriate translation it was hard for me to understand the key subject. I was ready to ask somebody to have the message instead of me. I tried to understand what the Lord wanted to say to me almost the whole week and after reading the original message I felt the spirit of the Lord. There was no mistake, the Lord wanted me to have the message about accountability.

A sensitive subject, but I was there, I knew the importance of accountability. It’s true, I had to be vulnerable as there were in my life weaknesses, vices and sins, fights... like in any other’s young man’s life. That’s why I needed mentors and I had to be sincere.

That night, when speaking about those in front of the youth, I felt the presence and the work of the Holy Spirit. Even afterwards, there were testimonies that young people were suprised to hear such a vulnerable person in front of them, speaking honestly about problems that they face but are ashamed of recognizing and talking.

It is not easy to let our weaknesses and sins be known. Satan wants us to hide them and present an image of perfection in front of others. But the Lord wants us to humble and tell others about our defeats and victories in fights. This way, not only that we honour the Name of the Lord, but we also bring encouragement for those who are fighting at the moment. Thus, they understand that the Spirit of the Lord brings victory!

The taxi driver


I use to distribute „The Way of the Lord” newspaper to some taxi drivers. While doing this, I saw that one of them had a Bible several times. I thought about talking to him but I didn’t have courage as I thought I would hinder him from his work. I memorized his car number and I continued to pray for him. After some time, a sister from our church told me his name as she used to come to church with that taxi.

Last week I was praying in the morning for the tasks of the day. I had written on a piece of paper the names of the persons I wanted to reach with the newspaper that day. One of them was the taxi driver.

I went downtown around 9 o’clock in the morning and while I was walking I saw the car of the taxi driver parking. I headed towards him without hesitation. I knocked in his window. He thought I needed a ride. I handed him a newspaper and I told him: „Whenever you can, if you can, I would like to talk to you.” I was so suprised when he answered: „I also want to talk to you! We can talk right now!” So, in his car, right there, in the parking lot, we talked more than an hour. He had been visiting the Seventh Day Adventist Church and he had some questions. We also talked about the Sabbath day. We decided to talk another time as well.

I am so grateful for this young man’s availability. May the Lord bring him light, freedom from the Old covenant and may he become close to Grace, close to Christ.

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

Let’s start from the very first week


The very first week after holidays. January 5th. Freezing cold outside. People still resting at their homes. The best moment to find them. I called a friend to help me distribute “The Way of the Lord” newspaper. Unfortunately, because of the cold weather and the distance, my friend could not help me this time. I was tempted to give up, but I told myself: ”We want to distribute evangelistic newspapers each week of the new year. So I really have to go today!”

I took my backpack full of almost 200 newspapers and tens of evangelistic calendars, pen and paper to write down some details and off I went. I am so grateful that the Lord was with me and gave me courage to knock at people’s doors. I was so glad to see that some of them recognized me and received joyfully the new number of the newspaper.

Please pray with me:

  • May the Lord grant us courage. We really need the presence of the Holy Spirit to ensure courage and wisdom for this ministry. Sadly, I have to admit that there were times when I took some newspapers but I had no courage nor power to distribute a single one and I came back home with them

  • May those who receive the newspaper receive Christ the Lord of their hearts and lives

  • For perseverance and consistency in distributing newspapers regularly.

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

Teachers and former colleagues


The Lord put on my heart the desire to share the Gospel with former teachers and colleagues from school, with those who are still living in Alexandria. While distributing the newspaper, knocking from door to door, I was so glad to meet former colleagues and even teachers. Several times, I was invited inside their homes and we were able to talk about Lord Jesus. We also went caroling to their houses and each time we print a new number of our newspaper I put aside a special time to give them one.

I continue to pray for them! May the Lord prepare their hearts to be good soils for the seed of the Gospel. One of my joys was when a collegue visited our church several times and our family as well. And one of the teachers also was available to listen more abut the Lord!

May the Lord reveals Himself to them!

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

The Newspapers are ready


By God’s grace, we managed to publish another number of the “ Way of the Lord” newspaper. 10.000 copies are waiting to arrive in the hands of those who need salvation and, being looked for by the Lord, feel the need of a Redeemer!
We are grateful for our sponsors. May the Lord reward them plentifully!
We pray that the Lord will prepare more Christian to be at God’s disposal to distribute these newspapers. May He grant them courage, boldness… in fact we all need the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit. We pray for those who receive the newspaper that the Holy Spirit will search their hearts and they will be able to realize their sinful state and their need of a Savior.

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

Childhood memories


Right after Christmas day, the team that works in Orbeasca went there to distribute some special presents to the kids. We stayed outside and we sang with them several carols we have learnt during past weeks. Their parents were invited to come, but they didn't. We still pray for the Lord to open their hearts. As those from the village didn't allow us to use their festivities hall, we used the same yard we used in summer for the VBS: sister Ioana's yard.

The pastor from BeOne Church in Vienna and his wife were with us as their church had prepared some special gifts for the children as well.

After we finished singing and the kids were gone, I remember the pastor asking sister Ioana if she doesn't find it hard to host a bunch of (sometimes messy and noisy) kids in her house. Her answer encouraged us so much to continue to evangelize those little hearts. Here is how she answered: "I wish I had known the Lord in my childhood... I would have been protected of so many consequences of my bad decisions. .. O, what a grace for this kids to hear about the Lord now! My house is not mine, it is my Lord's. I am at His disposal! "

Through God's grace, we are part of those children's memories. Only our Saviour can turn their memories into the right decision to follow Him in His time! Please pray for us to create full of grace childhood memories for these kids!

*in the picture: pastor Cristi Pană (BeOne Church of Vienna) and his wife, sister Ioana and young people who are involved in Children ministry in Orbeasca

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary

Presents are here!


By God’s grace and because of the generosity of God loving people, the presents are here. This time they come from Finland.

May the Lord reward those who prepared them! May the Lord give us (those who distribute them) strength and wisdom to reach the children who need them most, the children who will delight in them.

For us as adults, as well for the kids, the Greatest Gift was and is the Gift that was send not from Finland but from above from God the Father. We didn’t receive sweets and toys but everlasting life, divine quality life through the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  I received the joy of the Lord and honestly, nobody and nothing can surpass the joy and fullfilment we have in Lord Christ.

There will be many presents shared this month. But happy ar those who receive the Gift of God- Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord!

May Jesus be your joy and happiness!

Mihail & Emanuela Geabou

Assessment and planning


Each week, before a new youth meeting, the team gathers for assessment and planning. We evaluate the meeting we had before in order to see what we can and have to improve. Then, we plan the next meeting: each of us has to know their responsabilities (social interaction, games, worship, message, announcement, groups), to be aware of the lesson and how to deal with the subject in small groups. We also have a contest with prizes, young people being encouraged to spend time with Jesus on a daily basis during the “Quiet time”.

We really appreciate the earnestness and the tenacity, as well as the sacrifice done by the team “Word of Life”. Twice a week they come from almost 160km (some from 240km) away to support us in this ministry. Also, many of the leaders of the groups also work, but they do all the possible to attend all the meetings. As hosts, our brothers from the Brethren Church made available a warm and welcoming building.

Please, pray with us that the Lord will bless this ministry, all those involved in serving. We pray that more and more young people from Alexandria and surroundings come to know the new life that comes from above, life brought only through the work and reign of our Lord Christ.

We are ready and we pray for God’s grace!

Mihail & Emanuela Geabou

And other sheep I have…

The words of our Lord Jesus are still vibrating in my heart.  And other sheep I have... (John 10.16)


Indeed, He has other sheep right in Orbeasca, even though more obstacles emerge.     

Carmen is a school-aged girl. She used to attend all the kids meetings in the house near the fountain with her friend, Nicoleta. This time she was alone. When asked why Nicoleta was missing, her answer didn’t surprise us, but saddened us: Her parents do not allow her to come anymore...

This happened exactly the week Mihai had gone to the mayor to ask for permission to use the village’s festivities hall for a caroling night. The Mayor had given us a „diplomatic” answer: we may use it only if it is the written demanding of  4-5 villagers, if we have a special approval from the County School Inspectorate etc...

 Other kids stopped as well to attend the evangelistic club because of the interdiction of their parents or teachers...


Please, pray with us:

1.       for open hearts for the Gospel

2.       for the mayor and those who are in charge of making decisions in this village

3.       for those who tell children not to come to the kids club

4.       for all the other Lord’s sheep who are living in this village, to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd

5.       for sister Ioana, in whose house we gather weekly

6.       for our team (Mihai, Ema, Cozinia, Rebeca and Rebeca)

7.       for wisdom and creativity to organize a caroling evening despite the fact that we don’t have a proper space for that


And other sheep I have... This is what motivates us to continue to work in this barren soil.

And other sheep I have... It is God’s desire for us to go.

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd. (John 10.16)

We praise our Shepherd He will save His loved ones!

Mihail si Emanuela Geabou


At The Crossroads


There is a pump at the crossroads in Orbeasca de Sus. Many villagers quenched their thirst from its waters or watered their animals. Here is also the meeting place for the children who attend Children's Club. Many times, when the weather is nice, they wait for us at this place. Right in front of the pump there is sister Ioana's house, where we meet to share the Gospel to the children of the village.

For three weeks, we have started to meet on a regular basis with the kids. The Truth of the Scripture is brought home to them, with stories and games, crafts and songs, Bible verses and good cheer. We have also started to learn Christmas carols in order to prepare a special Christmas program for their parents and other children.

Last week, while we were talking to kids before telling them the Bible story, I realized that among the boys who attended each and every meeting there were some of the school's problem-kids. On one hand, I was encouraged to see how wonderfully does God come closer to those who are a problem for others, not for Him. On the other hand,I saw the responsibility He entrusted us to make Him known to them.

Our ministry has just started, but we pray that the Living Water may fill this village where there is no evangelical church. And may all the persons who will be called at the crossroads to make a decision for Him to get to know the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE that is our Lord Jesus!

Emanuela Geabou

Youth meeting- „Come and help us!”


By the grace of our Lord Jesus, on November 14th, 2018, we had the first youth meeting we organized in partenership with Brethern Church in Alexandria and Pentecostal Church in Smardioasa. This meeting is held in the building of the Brethern Church with the help of „Word of Life” Association.

As they are more experienced in the youth ministry, we decided to ask for help from this organization and two men regularly come in Alexandria and guide us.

Besides games, socializing, snacks, competitions and sport youth from our town have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through presentations, testimonies or debates in small groups.

As a team, we meet weekly with the men from the „Word of Life” and we have follow-up discussions and plan the next meeting. May the Lord grant us wisdom, love and persistence in this ministry and may the Holy Spirit convince and transform the lives of many young people in our town

„Adventures on 4 wheels (High Gears)” in Orbeasca

vbs (339).JPG

We met Costel Cojan four years ago. A medical doctor with Phd, a professor in Republic of Moldova and at the same time a worker with the kids, organizing vbs. This time he offered to help us organize a VBS in Alexandria. But I was not ready, I didn’t want to be involved in organizing a vbs as we had just adopted three kids at the time and it was too challenging for us. Even though, at my wife’s sugestion, I accepted to organize a VBS but in Orbeasca de Sus, not in Alexandria.

Summer, 2018. I contacted the Mayor of the village. Gladly, he offered to let us use the festivities hall in the village. I saw it and I liked it, it was spacious and clean. But I was a little worried. Something was not so good: how could he be so open to an evangelistic ministry? Soon I discovered the mayor hadn’t understood what was all about. After he did, we understood that we can no longer use that place.

We started to look for another location. We succeded to find a strategic one- according to my thoughts- but the owner, open and glad to offer his house yard in the begining, after a short phone discussion with the mayor, let us know that the place is no more available, saying that he didn’t want people to accuse him he offered his space for the „repenters”.

After a time of struggles and prayers we decided to use what we had. We asked sister Ioana if she was willing to let us use her yard and she accepted with joy. We had plenty of space there. We borrowed two tents from Campus Crusade for Christ and off we went.

The Lord blessed us richly. There were windy and rainy days. Nevertheless, the children continued to come. There were around 60 kids who attended this vbs. We were so happy to see parents who came to see their kids and the Bible lessons presented by Costel Cojan were very clear and very helpful even for parents who were impressed. „The Way of the Lord” Church in Alexandria was extremely generous to help in organizing this event and the Lord sent us some youth from Potcoava and Craiova to help with the vbs as well.

HE, who made the walls of Jericho to fall has the power to make the walls of the opposition in this village to fall! May the Lord shine HIS light upon Orbeasca de Sus!