Mihail Geabou

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about us

My name is Mihail Geabou. I was born in 1980 and I received the baptism of our Lord in 1996. In 2002 I entered the pastoral ministry, I married Emanuela in 2009 and, together, in 2017 we witnessed God’s glory through the blessing of a three children adoption: Annelisse, Anastasia and Matias.

I was raised in a christian family, my father being the pastor of our church. I was a well behaved child, appreciated by those around me, but the Lord revealed to me that I desperately needed His grace. I understood that my only chance was Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. I was born again and at the age of 16 I was baptized.

Since my childhood and adolescence I have felt the calling to serve the Lord . The determination, the sacrifice and the honour I saw in my father serving the Lord in times of communist persecution, in shortages and under the threat of political police had a great impact in my life as a servant of our Lord Jesus.

Even though in 2002 I entered the pastoral ministry, my heart was always inclined to mission. The greatest satisfaction in my ministry is to share the Gospel with unsaved people. I have been serving the Lord in towns and villages, in the eastern and western part of Romania, short-term mission in Ukraine and, in the present, I serve the Lord in the southern part of Romania: „The Way of the Lord” Church, Alexandria, „Bethel” Church in Potcoava (100 km away) and in Orbeasca de Sus, where we do not have a church yet.


About ministry

GOAL: We want to glorify God, living under Christ’s reign, according to the teachings of the Scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 3.21, Romans 11.36)

VISION: Through acts and words, to make the Way of the Lord known to as many people as we can from Alexandria and surroundings.

MISSION: Living discipleship and making disciples (Acts 2.41, Matthew 28.19-20)


  • „The Way of the Lord” evangelistic newspaper- editing, publishing and distribution

  • „The Way of the Lord” youtube- short videos explaining the way of the Lord for the common people (Facebook and wordpress as well)

  • Children’s Ministry- VBS and other periodical meetings with kids from Orbeasca de Sus (a village near Alexandria)

  • Youth Ministry in Alexandria - a special meeting organized with the Brethern and the Pentecostal Church in our town

  • Preaching, visiting people, small groups



  • „The Way of the Lord” newspaper- editing and publishing

  • People to people- evangelistic literature distribution („The way of the Lord” newspaper, New Testaments, Bibles, Guides for reading the Bible, Calendars with evangelistic message)

  • Precious moments- meetings and special events for children (VBS, Christmas Gift, Camp), for youth and for women (Spring-1st of March, Mother’s Day- 8th of March)

  • Help for the needy

  • Team growing and consolidation



  • If the Lord sends you, come! We need people involved in children’s ministry, in youth ministry, musical ministry, preaching and teaching, encouraging and visiting, English Language Teaching, VBS involvement, distribution of evangelistic literature

  • If the Lord speaks to your heart to donate, you may support the missionary, his family or the projects they are involved in.

  • Because God wants you to intercede, pray for us:

o    More workers,

o    More dependence on the Holy Spirit,

o    Wisdom, courage and boldness in sharing the Gospel,

o    Hearts prepared by the Lord’s Spirit to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour.