The healing of the body begins with your soul

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My name is Luca Nicolae and I work at spreading the Gospel in Oltenia. Here, I met Iuli Caldararu, who is a doctor in fiziotherapy. After a few evangelistic evenings we became very good friends. He wants to follow Jesus and he even offered to help us with his medical knowledge.

Because of his desire, we started a program called "The healing of the body begins with your soul". We do it in the following way: the pacients come to him for therapy and while they are waiting their turn, I talk to them about God and I try to show them the way to salvation. Some of them, after they finish the treatment, stay longer just to tell them more.

We have many christian topics, mostly apologetic, and sometimes they last for hours. Each one of them can stay as long as he wants and I am ready to talk to each of them for long periods of time.

We stood there even 6 hours a few times. Beside that, I have a small gym that is not well equipped but people are still coming. We talk about sport but we also talk about faith. The two activities go hand in hand and they have the same purpose, to evangelize people. We have new people every day and some of them very often. Between these people is also the boss of a restaurant in Craiova who is interested to learn about God.

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I am happy in this ministry and for the fact that God can win souls through me. 
At this moment, these activities take place only monday, tuesday and thursday but for the future I want to open the gym 5 days of the week. Also, another project I work on is about videos with theological themes, in order to spread the Gospel in an efficient way. I also go with others in Craiova to talk to people about God. My desire is to be efficient in this ministry.

Please pray for:

  • efficiency in the ministry;

  • the needs of the ministry: gym equipment and money to maintain the space. If we have a good gym, more people will come;

  • strength in the ministry and open hearts for the people.

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Working for God's Kingdom


I proposed in six months to form a biblical study group of five evangelized new people. So far I have two: a doctor in therapy and a friend of his who is sick of a disease that destroys his body and is in the wheelchair, but his mind is untouched by the disease.

I was impressed by the care that this doctor has for his friend and his heart in helping people through therapy. In parallel with this project I still create videos with theological themes for the general public in my desire to proclaim as many people as possible the gospel. Some of the clips I created can be found on the attached link: 

I also get involved in other evangelistic projects in Craiova. My desire is to be effective in the work. Please pray to be effective in this work. Thank you. 

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24203 from the donation form and specify my name / project in the Comment section.