Where there’s one, there’s no Power

One thing that I have found and got convinced of is that you can’t do mission on your own. That is why I was on a trip through the largest cities in the western part of the country (Cluj, Timișoara) and around these cities to find people eager to get involved in the project that I’m developing in these 6 months of equipping.

The project "5 meditated and disciple children" consists of helping with homework and lessons, learning a foreign language and evangelizing them to know Jesus, who gave me a future and a hope, as He can give them too.

You can also be part of this program, supporting us in prayer and telling others about these little souls who can know a God that loves them and can transform their lives.

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24203 from the donation form and specify my name / project in the Comment section.