Livia Ciudesnic



My name is Ciudesnic Livia, I live in Icoana village, Olt county, Romania, and I am a part of the mission team of the local church in Icoana, in partnership with Hope Church in Drăgăneşti.

I got into the Christian environment with my grandmother from the age of six, at my uncle's invitation. I have been attracted since that age of children, by the programs of class teachers, games, contests, camps and many more.

Being in such a context, my Christian life seemed to go naturally without any weight and pressure of real change.

Over the years, along with all my age, even my husband - though I did not know he would have to be my husband - we were able to do many services and actions that helped us get closer to God and people , but without having a new birth in Jesus.

My inner change was gradual. It was no longer enough for me to come to church to listen to a sermon, to wish to be better and try as much as possible to please Jesus Christ. I needed a change of heart.

A worshiping hymn touched my heart and made me want a life completely dedicated to the Lord and His ministry. So I decided for Him and became a genuine Christian, born again. At the age of 17, I made a covenant with Jesus Christ in the water of baptism.

In a few years the Lord blessed me with a remarkable husband with a real zeal for His work. We have also been blessed to go to many churches to serve, so we have reached Icoana. God has placed on both our hearts love for the souls in Oltenia.

I understood that God wants me to be equipped and helpful to the missionary work, and that is why I had the joy of hearing about E2E and starting to prepare myself for my domain of ministry.

My desire is to discover and use what God has put in me to serve him efficiently and enthusiastically in the work which He has called me. And so I pray God help us all!

Be blessed!